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Pictures A - E are all from January 1974, and shows Paul's first real costume... 
Picture A and B shows that the leather jacket from picture E in the 1973 section, now was covered with studs. And on picture B you can see, that the band logo now appeared in silver and studs on the back of the jacket.
The pants were homemade satin pants (as seen in picture C), with a leather garter-belt around the waste. The belts design was at this point rather simple... rows of pyramid shaped studs. 
Picture D shows a new choker used with this version of the costume. It was a broad, leather choker, with large, flat, round studs. Rumors have it, that these chokers were bought in a S/M-leather fetish show, in a seedy part of New York.
Picture E shows an early version of his platform boots. They were made from black leather, with a studded, silver border at the top. The heels at platform were also painted silver, and each boot had a silver cover

paul74b.jpg (45801 Byte)Later in 1974 Paul would be seen in a different outfit (the one seen on picture F). This one was a pair of tights, made from spandex. It also had a new garter-belt with crosses made of flat, diamond shaped studs. The boots worn with this version of the costume (picture G), were the same as in picture E, but the studded silver border at the top had been removed.
Picture H shows a new choker, this time with two rows of flat, round studs.
Paul got a brand new, costume made leather jacket over it (picture I). The lapels and cuffs were silver and had large studs, while stars made of smaller studs covered the black part of the leather. This jacket also had a silver KISS logo on the back.

paul74c.jpg (46172 Byte)There was both a third and a fourth version of the garter-belt. The one seen in picture F, is the one most often seen, while version 3 (picture J and K) and 4 (picture M), are much rarer. 
The garter-belt in picture J and K, had a cross made from flat square studs in the middle, while the one in picture M had a slightly different pattern, almost like a butterfly on the front. Funnily enough this version turns up in a live photo, taken during the Dressed to Kill tour (see the 1975 section!). Check out Chip Rock Dayton's awesome book of KISS photos "Outtakes", as it appears here as  well.
Picture L shows the last pair of boots used in this era. They had stars on them, to keep with the Starchild-theme. For the future Paul's costumes would nearly always have stars on them!

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