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The Catman's costume changed very little from initial prototype, to the Psycho Circus costume used in the 1998-2000 tours. But there were changes however!
As seen on picture A Peter wore an all-over "cat suit" (with sleeves), that was open at the chest. Along the chest there was a silver trim, looking like cat fur, which ended with an arrow pointing at his crotch (there we go again!). There were also a silver, diamond shaped pad on the knees. 
Picture B shows the sleeves! There were a silver trim on the shoulder, and more "cat fur" hanging under the forearm. As you also can see in this picture, Peter sometimes wore a studded leather wristband!
By Halloween 1976 Peter had begun to wear a couple of silver cuffs (as seen in picture C). The picture is from Paul Lynde's Halloween Special, broadcast on Halloween, but filmed in the middle of October. You can also see Peter wear his belt from 1975 (the one with the cathead buckle) in this picture.
Picture D is a close-up of the boots for the first version of the costume. They were basically the 1975 boots with a new cover, that was made from the same fabric as the rest of the costume.
Picture E simply shows you the backside of Peter's costume (NOTE: that what we see here is the sleeveless variation of the costume... see more about that below)!

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The sleeves were probably to hot for concerts, so there he wore a variant (shown on picture E and F) without sleeves. With that version Peter also wore a belt, which more or less hid the "crotch-arrow". There were no "kneepads" on this version. Peter wore black leather gloves for the shows, and often also the silver bracelets seen on picture F.
On picture G you can see a close-up of Peters second pair of platform boots (only used for photo shoots and TV-appearances). They were black and silver, and had small cats eyes on the tips. The latter is just visible on picture G.
For concerts Peter wore the trainers shown in picture H. They were silver, and had a ripped, furry design like the rest of the costume. The "furry" thing was a detachable cover, which were also sold at the KISS Auction in June 2000. But otherwise they appeared to be similar to the trainers used on the previous couple of tours! 
A third version was made for the Rock And Roll Over Tour in 1977 (picture I). This was very similar to the one on picture F, but somehow it look somewhat "sloppier"!
The costume on picture J is an enigma... I have only seen this one photo of it! It shows Peter backstage with his then wife Lydia. It's a black leotard, just like the regular costume, but the cut-out at the chest is made up to look like a tuxedo. And just visible on picture J, is a row of pyramid shaped studs down the sides of the costume. The neckwear and cuffs are the ones from the regular costume.

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As said, the Psycho Circus version (pictures K to P) was very close to the original. The silver trim on the chest, is made from a slightly more shiny material than the original. First the costume didn't have any rhinestones on the silver trim (as seen on picture M), but this was added pretty quickly (as seen on picture N). Another difference is the zipper (clearly seen on picture K), which wasn't on any of the three original versions. This boots also had the diamond shaped "knee pads", like the boots in picture D.
The collar seen on picture B, C, F, J, K, M and N, was originally only for photo shoots... I have not seen any live footage from the 1976/77 tours, where he wears that one! But pictures (such as picture O) from the Psycho Circus and Farewell tours shows Peter wearing the collar during concert!
Picture L shows Peters gloves. Peter had been wearing gloves back in the 70's as well, but back then they rarely made into photo shoots. When Peter returned to KISS in 1996, the gloves became a standard item in his outfit. The gloves for the Psycho Circus era had the brand name "Ahead" printed on them.
Picture P shows Peter wearing a belt for a Farewell concert. It's a black, studded leather belt with a squarish buckle!
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