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Picture A and B are from a couple of photo sessions done in January and February of 1974. This shows Peter in his first official KISS costume: a black leather west with silver designs, made from studs. At each shoulder there were a crucifix made from studs, because Peter was (and is) a catholic. A couple of studded armbands, and a studded choker also belonged to the costume. The pants were a pair of black leather pants, with a studded belt, and a couple of handcuffs as decoration (just visible in picture B). He also occasionally wore a couple of armbands (as seen in picture A)... one had Peter's initials PC written on it, while the other had Peter's lucky number 3! The number 3 had also been added to the costume in picture B (just under the left crucifix).
At the end of 1974, Peter had another new costume (pictures C - E). This was a leather overall, with studs, holes on the thighs, and open in front, tied together with laces. As seen in picture C is a pair of studded cuffs that Peter would use from time to time, mostly for photo shoots, and a studded choker, with two rows of pyramid shaped studs.
Picture D and E shows the bottom half of the costume and the various boots used for the costume. The boots in picture D are the same as he used in late 1973 (see the 1973 section!), while a pair of silver boots (with a shorter heel) is seen in picture E.

criss74b.jpg (49572 Byte)Peter would not always wear the costume with the laces tied, or with the laces at all!! Take a look at picture F... there are no laces in the costume in this picture! I have only seen a few pictures of that variation!
Another variation was that Peter would sometimes wear a silver sheriff's star on the left side of the chest (circled in on picture G).
This costume was probably to hot to wear for concerts, and for that Peter would wear the top half of the costume, but with black tights in stead (as seen in picture H). For concerts Peter could not wear his platform boots, but would be wearing trainers (also seen in picture H). 
Later on some feather-like leather straps were added to the shoulders of the costume (picture I)! The hat seen in picture I, also pops up in a few concert photos, so it was used on stage a few times!!
Peter wore all kind of jewelry around his neck in those days, as you can on the pictures here... sometimes several necklaces at the same time. But after a while the crucifix seen in picture I became Peter's favorite necklace, and this one would follow him for next couple of years!

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