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(Statistik bis 2001)

Kiss veröffentlichten in Deutschland 34 Alben, wenn man alles mitrechnet (Live, Solo-Alben 1978, Best of, Kiss my ass, Detroit Rock City Soundtrack).

Kiss veröffentlichten in Deutschland 22 rein komplette Studio-Alben (mit Solo-Alben 1978).

Kiss veröffentlichten 241 verschiedene Songs (inkl. Star spangled banner von Alive III, In your face und Solos 1978).
Kiss veröffentlichten insgesamt 20 Stunden, 37 Minuten und 10 Sekunden Musik (live + Studio, mit Solos 1978, ohne Best-of). Mit Best-ofs veröffentlichten Kiss sogar 26 Stunden, 16 Minuten und 38 Sekunden. Reine Studio-Musik veröffentlichten Kiss  15 Stunden, 25 Minuten und 35 Sekunden.
Alben mit den meisten Songs:
20: Alive II
20: Double Platinum
20: Greatest Kiss
17: Alive III
16: Alive!
15: Smashes, thrashes & hits
15: Hot in the shade
15: MTV Unplugged
Alben mit den wenigsten Songs:
(9 Songs):
Ace Frehley
Paul Stanley
Creatures of the night
das bestverkaufte Album in Deutschland: Dynasty

höchter Charteinstieg: Psycho Circus (Platz 5)
die kürzesten Alben:
30' 07": Dressed to kill
32' 43": Love Gun
33' 18": Rock and Roll over
34' 03": Destroyer

34' 57": Peter Criss
35' 02": Hotter than hell

35' 11": Kiss
35' 14": Paul Stanley
die längsten Alben:
84' 01": Psycho Circus (Doppel-CD)
76' 03": Greatest Kiss
74' 50": Alive!

71' 52": Alive III
71' 26": Alive II

69' 27": Double Platinum
60' 11": Carnival of souls

59' 16": You wanted the best, you got the best
58' 39": Hot in the shade
53' 00": Smashes, thrashes & hits
Lead Vocals
(Studio only, mit Solos 1978):
108: Paul Stanley
94: Gene Simmons
21: Peter Criss
19: Ace Frehley
2: Eric Carr
1: Bruce Kulick
Album mit den durchschnittlich längsten Songs:
5' 15": Psycho Circus (Doppel-CD)
5' 01": Carnival of souls
4' 40": Alive!

4' 33": You wanted the best, you got the best (mit Interview)
4' 26": Psycho Circus
4' 19": Dynasty
4' 18": Creatures of the night
4' 14": Alive III
4' 13": Killers
Album mit den durchschnittlich kürzesten Songs:
3' 01": Dressed to kill
3' 16": Love Gun
3' 20": Rock and Roll over
3' 28": Double Platinum
3' 29": You wanted the best, you got the best (ohne Interview)
3' 30": Hotter than hell, Peter Criss
3' 31": Kiss
3' 32": Smashes, thrashes & hits
3' 33": Gene Simmons

3' 34": Alive II
die am meisten veröffentlichten Songs:
9x: Rock and Roll all nite
8x: Detroit Rock City
7x: Shout it out loud
6x: Love Gun, Beth
5x: Strutter, Deuce, God of thunder, Calling Dr. Love, I was made for lovin' you
4x: Firehouse, Cold Gin, Rock bottom, She, Do you love me, Hard luck women, Sure know something

die kürzesten Songs (Studio only):
Fanfare (1:21)
Let me go, Rock'n' Roll (2:14)
Love theme from Kiss (2:24)
Just a Boy (2:25)
See you tonite (2:28)
Any way you want it (2:33)
See you in your dreams (2:34)
Anything for my Baby (2:35)
Rockin' in the USA (2:36)
Comin' Home (2:37)

Love her all I can (2:40)
A world without heroes (2:40)
Getaway (2:43)
When you wish upon a star (2:43)
Beth (2:45)
die längsten Songs (Studio only):
Jungle (6:49)
I walk alone (6:07)
I still love you (6:06)
It never goes away (5:42)
Odyssey (5:36)
Take me away (together as one) (5:34)
Psycho Circus (5:30)
Fractured Mirror (5:26)
I confess (5:23)
God gave Rock'n' Roll to you II (5:18)
Detroit Rock City (5:17)
Seduction of the innocent (5:16)
Black Diamond (5:13)
I (5:03)
Master & Slave (4:57)
die kürzesten Songtitel:
My way

die längsten Songtitel:
44: The street giveth and the street taketh away
35: That's the kind of sugar papa likes
33: Somewhere between heaven and hell
32: God gave Rock 'n' Roll to you II
31: Always near you/Nowhere to hide
31: I've had enough (into the fire)
30: What makes the world go 'round
30: Take me away (together as one)
29: Wouldn't you like to know me?
28: King of the night time world
27: I'll fight hell to hold you
25: When your walls come down
25: Seduction of the innocent

25: I was made for lovin' you
25: When you wish upon a star

24: Speedin' back to my baby
24: Let me go, Rock 'n' Roll
22: Love 'em and leave 'em
22: Rock and Roll all nite
Top Songwriter:
113: Stanley
91: Simmons
26: Frehley
20: Ezrin
19: B. Kulick
18: Poncia

15: Child
14: Vincent
11: Criss
10: Penridge
10: Mitchell
8: Delaney
7: Carr
7: Cuomo
5: Japp
4: Weissman

4: van Zen
3: Reed
3: Beauvoir
3: Thayer
3: Knight
Top Produzenten:
Wer hat die meisten Kiss-Alben produziert (inkl. Solo-Alben)?

Paul Stanley (8)
Gene Simmons (6)
Eddie Kramer (6)
Kiss (5)
Bob Ezrin (3)
Vini Poncia (3)
Michael James Jackson (3)
Kenny Kerner (2)
Richie Wise (2)
Sean Delaney (2)
Jason A. Linn (2)
Bruce Fairbairn (1)
Ron Nevison (1)
Toby Wright (1)
Neil Bogart (1)
Ace Frehley (1)
Jeff Glixman (1)
Alex Coletti (1)
Rob Cavallo (1)

Kiss haben 11 Songs gecovert:
Kissin' time (Bobby Rydell, 1959)

Then she kissed me (original: Then he kissed me; Crystals, 1963)
Any way you want it (Dave Clark Five, 1964)
When you wish upon a star (Walt Disney Pinocchio Film-Musik, 1940)

New York Groove (Hello, 1976)
Tossin' and Turnin' (Bobby Lewis, 1961)
2.000 man (Rolling Stones, 1967)
Rock and Roll hell (Bachman Turner Overdrive, 1979)
God gave Rock 'n Roll to you II (Argent, 1972)
Star spangled banner (US-Nationalymne, 1814 von Francis Scott Key geschrieben, seit 1931 US-Nationalhymne)
Do you remember Rock'n' Roll Radio (Ramones, 1980)

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