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21.02.74,Los Angeles,CA,USA,Aquarius Theater (In Concert with Dick Clark): Nothin´to lose, Firehouse & Black diamond (LIVE) TV1981GeneAcelive.jpg (5683 Byte)
21.05.74,Philadelphia,PA,USA (Mike Douglas Show)-Firehouse (LIVE)
01.04.75,Burbank,CA,USA,NBC Studios (Midnight Special): Deuce, She & Black Diamond (LIVE)
29.10.76,(aired),USA (Paul Lynde Comedy Hour-Halloween Special)-Detroit rock city, Beth & King of the night time world
00.12.76,(aired),USA (Don Kirschner‘s Rock Concert)-I want you, Love ‘em and leave ‘em & Hard luck woman
00.09.80,Germany (Rock Pop)-She‘s so european & Talk to me
00.11.80,Australien (Countdown)-Is that you & Talk to me
25.09.81,Mexico (Channel 13 TV Special)-I was made for lovin´you & Charisma
20.11.81,Los Angeles,CA,USA,ABC Studios (Friday‘s)-The oath, A world without heroes & I (LIVE)
30.01.82,(aired),USA (Solid Gold)-I
00.02.82,(aired-in Italy),(San Remo Festival),recorded in New York,Studio 54, NY,USA-I (without Ace!) TV1981KissonstageSanRemo.jpg (7597 Byte)
00.10.82,Germany (Vorsicht Musik)-I love it loud
00.10.82,Holland (Toppop)-I love it loud
00.10.82,Spain-Creatures of the night & I love it loud
26.10.82,Italy (Discoring)-I love it loud & Creatures of the night
27.10.82,Italy (Mixer)-I love it loud
00.11.83,Germany (Bananas)-All hell‘s breakin´ loose
21.10.84,Scheveningen,Holland (Veronica‘s Strandrace)-I love it loud, Lick it up & Heaven‘s on fire
26.10.84,Sweden (Gladgehurs)-Heaven‘s on fire
23.10.87, (aired),Los Angeles,CA,USA (CBS-Top of the Pops)-Crazy,crazy nights (LIVE)
00.00.88,USA (MTV-Mouth to mouth)-Rock and Roll all nite (Paul only) (LIVE)
29.05.92,Hilversum,Holland (Countdown)-Unholy & God gave rock and roll to you
25.05.93,Los Angeles,CA,USA,Paramount Studios (Arsenio Hall Show): Detroit rock city & Deuce (LIVE)
18.10.93,(aired),Hollywood,CA,USA,ABE Studios (NFL Monday Nite Football)-I love it loud (Alive III version)
12.12.93,Orlando,FL,USA,Pleasure Island (New Year‘s Rockin´Eve with Dick Clark): Detroit Rock city, Rock and Roll all nite & Makin´love (LIVE)
17.03.94,London,England (MTV Most Wanted)-Goin´blind (Gene & Paul) (LIVE)
13.07.94,Burbank,CA,USA,NBC Studios (The Tonight Show with Jay Leno): Hard luck woman (Kiss & Garth Brooks) (LIVE)
26.07.94,USA (Late Show with David Letterman)-Christine sixteen (Gene, Paul & Gin Blossoms) (LIVE)
26.08.94,Sao Paulo,Brazil (Programa Livre)-Parasite (LIVE)
04.09.94,Buenos Aires,Argentina (Telefe-Ritmo de la noche)-Heaven‘s on fire & I was made for lovin´you (LIVE)
26.07.95,Montreal,QU,Canada,Musique Plus Studios (Much Music-Planet Rock): Comin´home, Goin´blind, Hard luck woman, Nothin´to lose & Every time I look at you (LIVE)
04.08.95,New York,NY,USA,NBC Studios (Late Night with Conan O‘Brian)-Comin´ home & Domino (LIVE)
04.09.96,Brooklyn,NY,USA,Brooklyn Bridge (MTV Awards)-Rock and Roll all nite, New York groove, Deuce, Calling Dr.Love & Love gun (LIVE)
31.01.99,Miami,FL,USA,Pro Player Stadium (Superbowl 23)-Rock and Roll all nite
09.08.99,Westwood,CA,USA,UCLA (Detroit rock city Movie Premiere Party): Detroit rock city, Shout it out loud, Rock and Roll all nite & Cold gin (LIVE)
23.08.99,Las Vegas,NV,USA,MGM Grand Garden Arena (WCW Nitro)-God of thunder
29.10.99,Las Vegas,NV,USA,MGM Grand Theme Park (Pixelon Ibash): Shout it out loud, Love gun & Rock and Roll all nite (LIVE)
New York,NY,USA.Roseland Ballroom (Lane Bryant's Modeschau)-Shout it out loud,Lick it up,God of thunder,Love gun&Rock and roll all nite (Halbplayback-Gesang LIVE)
24.02.02,Salt Lake City,UT,USA,Rice-Eccles Stadium (XIX Olympic Winter Games Closing Ceremony)-Rock and roll all nite (LIVE)
19.04.02,Pasadena,CA,USA,Pasadena Civic Auditorium (American Bandstand's 50th Anniversary Special, with Tommy Thayer): Detroit rock city (LIVE)
25.02.03,Melbourne,Australia (Rove Live)-Sure know something (LIVE with 10-piece Orchestra)
25.05.06,Las Vegas,NV,USA,Mandalay Bay Events Center(VH1 Rock Honors)-2 songs

This list does not contain footage from concerts shown on TV. These are all special appearances for TV only.
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Tourdates compiled by Andreas Balzer.  It might not be absolutely correct and complete, but this is the most accurate list of tour-dates known to exist. If you have any doubts or additions, please send your info to Thank you!

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