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Dressed to Kill/Alive tours 1975-76
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Genes new outfit looked quite a lot like his previous one. The basis was a black leotard (picture A) with air holes on the thighs, this time diamond shaped , and with a studded edge. Also returning were the batwings under the arms (as seen in pictures G and H underneath here).
New were the spikes that protruded from Gene's shoulders and arms, and also new was the studded codpiece. The codpiece, of course, brought a lot of attention to Gene's crotch, but that was probably the whole idea! An early version of the codpiece had a skull-and-crossbones design (as seen on picture B). The skull-and-crossbones had been a returning part of Gene's outfit since 1973, but this was the last time it appeared. There were also studs down the inner thigh (see picture B, again), which were later dropped. This early version of the costume also had black spikes (see picture C).
There were an alternative version of the codpiece with the skull-and-crossbones, as seen in picture D. This one had fewer studs, and it would also seem that the cup were detachable... probably great for toilet visits, and such!! 
The boots for this early version were the ones from the 1974 outfit (picture E), and can be seen on the cover of Alive!. The boots originally had spikes just like the rest of the costume (as seen in picture F below here), but these were for some reason dropped later on!

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Picture G shows the better known version of this costume. This had silver spikes, and a studded codpiece without the skull-and-crossbones design.
Gene's wings is seen in picture H, but there also seemed to be another version (as seen in picture I). This second version seems to have more folds in the wings. 
The boots mostly used were the ones on picture J, which had also been in use during 1974. Note the fangs painted on the tip of the boots... something that Gene would fully develop for his next costume (see the 1976 section).

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Picture K shows a rare variation, where the sides of the costumes is tied together, across the chest (circled in)! This only appears in a very few pictures. This particular picture is from the European tour in May 1976 (backstage at the show in Copenhagen, Denmark on May 29th 1976 to be specific!!), but it didn't look like this during the entire tour. Almost all other pictures taken during the tour shows Gene in the normal, untied version!
Picture L is not a shot of Gene's ass, but a rare glimpse of the costumes backside.
There were further variations of the costume! Picture M shows the costume with the skull-and-crossbones codpiece, with silver spikes, Note that there is no spikes on Gene's shoulder, and none on the back of his hand!
Picture N is from a little later, when spikes had been added on the back of the hand of the glove. Note that these spikes appears thin and easily bendable!
Later the spikes on the gloves became much thicker (picture O), and appeared stuffed. Note that Gene now had a large spike each shoulder (which now appears padded). Also note that Gene is wearing a studded bracelet on his right wrist (in the middle of the picture). This only appeared in a few photos.

Pictures P - U shows various pieces of neckwear from the period! Picture P shows Gene wearing a necklace with a snake/dragon pedant. This only appeared in photos from a couple of early photo sessions.
Gene then wore various chokers... picture Q shows a little used variation (I have only seen a few pictures of it). It's a basic leather choker with just one row of spiked studs, just like the one you would buy for your dog.
Picture R and P shows a leather choker used for a while. It was an ordinary choker, probably bought in a S/M-leather fetish shop. It had two rows of pyramid shaped studs, and on picture S you can see the buckle.
The choker seen in picture T was only used for a short period (it only appears in a very few pictures). It is almost the same as the one in picture U (which was the most used), except every second studs seems to be missing. And as said: the one seen in picture U was the most commonly used. It had four rows of pyramid shaped studs!

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