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One of the most collectible items are tourbooks, which are sold at concerts.
Tourbooks were not available at all Kiss concerts. The first tourbook was sold in early 1976. But there were periods where there was no tourbook available. Sometimes at the beginning of a tour the tourbook wasn't printed yet.

On some tours the tourbook was hardly available due to bad distribution (like on the Revenge tour). On some tours there were just some tourbooks available at the merchandise booth before the concert. But since they had a low stock brought into the venue, which usually did not get restocked, people only could buy the tourbook before the concert. After the concert it was quite often sold out.

The tourbook usually included recent pictures from the current tour and sometimes the pictures for the tourbook were taken at the first couple of shows and the tourbooks were not available until weeks into the tour. Sometimes pictures from the rehearsals were used for the tourbook.
Quite often the tourbook changed midst of a tour. Sometimes photos were changed, information added or updated or pages were added.

Listed here are all the tourbooks that exist in all variations, including photos of inside the tourbooks, values and all interesting details to each edition.

Values are stated from min - average - max. Please note, that these are just rough estimates. Prices on eBay may be totally different.

Kiss on Tour - 1976 (Alive! Tour) On Tour (Destroyer) 1976 
KissOnTour1976FirstTourbookCover.jpg (7850 Byte)
OnTour1976DestroyerTourbookCover.JPG (4178 Byte)
On Tour (Rock And Roll Over) 1976/77 Japan 1977 (Rock And Roll Over)
OnTour1976DestroyerTourbookCover.JPG (4178 Byte)
Japan1977TourbookCover.JPG (9853 Byte)
Love Gun (1977) & Alive II 1977/78 Japan 1978 (Alive II)
LoveGunTourbookCover.JPG (7162 Byte)
Japan1978TourbookCover.jpg (49779 Byte)
Dynasty/The Return of Kiss 1979 Unmasked 1980
TheReturnOfKissTourbookCover.jpg (48050 Byte) DynastyTourbookCover.jpg (46963 Byte) TourbookUnmaskedCover.jpg (54267 Byte)
Creatures of the Night 1982/83 Lick it up (Europe) 1983
CreaturesTourbookCover.jpg (40137 Byte) TourbookLickItUpEuropeCover.jpg (42652 Byte)
Lick it up (USA) 1983/84 Animalize (Europe/USA) 1984
TourbookLickItUp1984Cover.jpg (56902 Byte) TourbookAnimalizeEuropeCover.jpg (52591 Byte)
Animalize (USA) 1985 Asylum 1985/86
TourbookAnimalizeUSACover.jpg (51980 Byte) TourbookAsylumCover.jpg (51595 Byte)
Crazy Nights 1987/88 Japan 1988 (Crazy Nights)
TourbookCrazyNightsCover2.jpg (45800 Byte) TourbookCrazyNightsCover.jpg (46163 Byte) TourbookJapan1988Cover.jpg (53481 Byte)
Hot in the Shade 1990 Revenge 1992
TourbookHITSCover.jpg (46749 Byte) TourbuchRevengeCover.jpg (48405 Byte)
1995 Tourbook (Japan/Australia) Conventions 1995
1995TourbookCover.jpg (54083 Byte) TourbookConventionsCover.jpg (50550 Byte)
Alive Worldwide 1996/97 Alive Worldwide 1997
TourbookReunionCover.jpg (41678 Byte) TourbookReunion1997silverCover.jpg (41342 Byte)
Psycho Circus 1998/99 Farewell Tourbook 2000/01
TourbuckPsychoCircusDodgerStadiumCover.jpg (68379 Byte) TourbuckPsychoCircusCover.jpg (67618 Byte) TourbookFarewellTourCover.jpg (57181 Byte)
Kiss Symphony 2003 Japan 2003
TourbookKissSymphonyCover.jpg (48132 Byte) TourbookJapan2003Cover.jpg (66315 Byte)
World Domination 2003 Rock the Nation 2004
TourbookWorldDominationCover.jpg (66888 Byte) TourbookRockTheNationCover.jpg (65584 Byte)
Alive/35 2008
TourbookAlive35EuropeCover.jpg (55719 Byte) TourbookAlive35GermanyCover.jpg (54584 Byte)

other Tourbooks including at least one full page of Kiss or Kiss band members
Gary Moore - Wild Frontier 1987 Monsters of Rock 1988
TourbookGaryMooreCover.jpg (57452 Byte) TourbookMonstersOfRock1988Cover.jpg (59776 Byte)
Badlands - Japan Tour 1989 Foundations Forum 1993
specialtourbookBandlandsJapan.jpg (52544 Byte) TourbookFoundationsForumCover.jpg (55521 Byte)
Wennie Roast 1996 Donington/Monsters of Rock 1996
tourbookWeenieRoastJune15-1996USA.jpg (36558 Byte) TourbookDonington1996Cover.jpg (53428 Byte)
Rock im Park 1997 Rock am Ring 1997
TourbookRockImPark1997Cover.jpg (49953 Byte) specialTourbookRockamRing.jpg (46294 Byte)
Super Bowl 1999 Phantom of the Opera 1999
tourbookSuperBowl33-1999USA.jpg (55822 Byte) a.jpg (3980 Byte)
Wango Tango 2003 Udo Music Festval 2006
TourbookWangoTango2003Cover.jpg (57627 Byte) TourbookUdoFestival2006CoverJapan.jpg (7136 Byte)
Melbourne Grand Prix 2008 Download 2008
TourbookMelbourne2008Cover.jpg (5871 Byte) TourbookDownload2008Cover.jpg (49074 Byte)
Arrow Rock 2008 Graspop 2008
TourbookArrowRockCover.jpg (54889 Byte) TourbookGraspop2008Cover.jpg (7739 Byte)

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Do you know any others not mentioned here? Please send us an e-mail and let us know. Thank you!

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