Hey KISS and Video Game Fans!

I got the KISS Psycho Circus video game a few weeks ago.  The game is
frantic, very frantic.  The game utulizes "Horde" technology which allows
for 40 characters on screen at one time.  The hordes don't really hit until
after a few stages, but they hit, they hit hard.  And there isn't much
amunition.  The first weapon you get is a sword, and it'll slice a demon in
2 with one swipe.  You have to start out as the Starbearer (Pablo).  You are
a normal man, who must find the peices of the elder's armor.  Then you fully
get the Elder's power.  The elder's are are mystical and powerful beings,
like gods, and are the band members.  The game is based as a side story to
the Todd McFarlane comic book, KISSPsycho Circus.

And the game is incredibly hard.  It's bad ass.  I love this game, I'm gonna
get the DC version too so I can duke it out against those guys too. The
weapons are pretty destructive, the sword swipes will take out like 4
"headless" with one swing.  The "headless look like crabs to put it best,
they attack in groups.  Then there's the whip, all it leaves behind is a
blood stain.  Then there's a minigun that shoots out blue beams that bounce.
Then there's the gun with chains on it, go see some screens of it, it's like
a rail gun, but shoots out 9 metallic projectiles.  It dismembers bad guys
on impact.  The last weapon (that I've been able to find at least) is almost
like a grenade launcher.  Accept it shoots out a blue ball of light that
explodes into a blast of electricity.  It hurts even you if you're too
close.  Each elder has his own special hand to hand weapon and one mega ass
kicker weapon.  I can't tell you about the ass kicker weapons, you have to
see them for yourself.  Just imagine insantaneous death.

The graphics are awesome and the enemies are very sadistic.  The
Arachniclown laughs as he blasts you with electricity.  The Headless swarm
on you and jab you with their legs.  Stump is a 2 legged dog that spits fire
balls at you, he also swarms you.  Headless and Stump are never alone. 
Unipsycho is a unicycler that's body is on fire and he also throws fire
balls at you.  The Blademaster is a Legion of Doom looking guy who throws
blades at you, the blades circle around until they hit something.  There's
also "strutter", he's got a minigun for a face, he comes in groups.  Most of
these enemies I've mentioned come in groups and are sometimes a hand full to

The game starts you off in the water realm, it's hard. I've made it to a sub
boss in the center of the Cathedral, "The Fat Lady." She isn't that strong,
but she's protected by a horde of headless.  She beat me a few times and I
got pissed, but eventually I beat the bitch. There's this Gypsy who guides
you along.  She tells you where to go and gives you hints.  She's rather
ugly, but I'm glad to see LithTech finally supporting lip movement.  That's
right, people's lips move when they talk. It's the little things that make
it great.  Did I mention the blood yet?  Let me do that now.  The game is
bloody as hell.  After ripping through a horde all that's left is body parts
and buckets of blood.  Oh, and you can blow off limbs.  Nothings better than
blowing off Stump's legs, he looks like better, but not by much.  The
Headless too, you can blow off legs and they'll keep coming.

And the music too.  Will Loconto did a bang up job.  And there is some kiss
music too.  Right in the beginning you start out in a bar and there's a juke
box, if you click on it Psycho Circus starts playing.  And later there's a
car on the streets that's bumping some more KISS music (sorry I couldn't
remember the name).  Oh yeah and, "I'm like an incubus..."  Another juke box
is playing that song, that's in the second realm though.

Over all, the game rocks in every way.  Do you feel better about getting it

The demo can be found here,

There's also the official game web site at,

And a fansite here,

Anything you want to know about the game can be found at one of these
places.  so at least download the demo and check that out.  It'll be worth
it, trust me.