name of the band: Kisstory
the band is located in:
info about bass player (Gene Simmons):
Kurt Mussche
info about rhythm guitarist (Paul Stanley): Dirk Van Hecke

info about lead guitarist (Ace Frehley):
Roland Delanghe
info about drummer (Peter Criss): Franky Bruyneel
info about Vocals (Paul Stanley): Alain Vansassenbroeck
contact address:
  Noordstraat 11
  b-8560 Moorsele
  tel +32 (0)477 347653
In 1999 Roland and Franky had the idea to play some KISS songs for fun. In summer I got a phonecall from a friend of mine who also knew Roland and Franky. He told me about them and that they wanted to play KISS-songs.

This had always been a dream of mine so I got in contact with Franky and we made an appointment.
When the three of us sat down at Franky's house it became obvious that this was a dream all of us had and that we should give it a try and see were we could take it.

Soon Roland was teaching me the songs he allready knew and by october 1999 we were rehearsing Rock Bottom, Detroit Rock City, Love gun and Deuce.
Well this was fun!
I also had a friend who played the bass and who was also into KISS. This guy was great! Unfortunatly he allready played in 2 other bands and he didn't have much time to join the band. So the three of us decided to work on the songs, perfect them and learn new ones.
 A year later we allready played 20 songs but we were still missing a bassplayer. Most people we contacted were not interested or had no time. Until one day....

I went to a friend of mine who was having problems with his pc. When I entered his room I noticed a bassguitar. I didn't knew he played bass, so I asked him "Do you play bass?". "Not really..." he said. "I just like that bassguitar. It looks nice. Right now I'm practicing the guitar a little bit".
I asked him if he wouldn't give it a try to play the bass and join us. The problem was he didn't know KISS. He only knew 2 KISS songs i.e. "I Was Made For Lovin' You" and "Sure Know Something". When I told him about what we were doing I saw that he was really interested, so the next day I gave him all of my KISS cds. A week later he called me on the phone and said "Lets get me a good amplifier!!"
So now there was the four of us. We were complete!! Rudi learnt the songs really fast and it was so much more fun with the bass added to our sound. It was a huge difference!

Then we also tried adding vocals to our songs but it became clear that singing while playing an instrument is not that easy! We had to find somebody who could do it better than we did.
Meanwhile we were allready halfway through December and one day I remembered that one of my friends had sung in a metalband a long time ago. So I gave him a call.
He was interested but he didn't have much time. But he would do us a favour and come over to check us out. We were all nervous to give it our best shot and Alain was so impressed that by the second song we did, he allready grabbed the microphone. Djeezes this felt great!!

Ever since we're a 5 man band and it is fun guaranteed!

Right now we are working on details which should be perfected to bring a nice show. We hope to see all of you somewhere on a gig and remember : you're all invited!!

See you soon!


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