name of the band: Kissexy
the band is located in:
Milano, Italy
info about bass player (Gene Simmons):
Michi The Demon
info about rhythm guitarist (Paul Stanley):
Scheherazade The Sex Symbol
info about lead guitarist (Ace Frehley):
Sergio Space Ace
info about lead guitarist (Vinnie Vincent): Sara The Egypthian
info about drummer (Peter Criss): Barbara Cat Woman
contact address:
website: ,


After the American Girls Of Kiss on Playboy... the girls grab themselves guitars and drums: no more ladies in waiting, it becomes KISSEXYng time!!!
If Kiss were naughty ladies, they'd certainly be KISSEXY!!!!

Kissexy formed in 1993.

In 1995 the band plays at the European Kiss-Konvention Tour (Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, U.K.). Special guest of this tour is none other than Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley, literally "shocked" by their sex appeal!

In 1999 the band plays during a Kiss tribute night organized by Kiss Army International in Milan to celebrate the return of Kiss to Italy.

Kiss want to meet the girls backstage (Psycho Circus Tour) and they all shoot a picture together... Paul Stanley says laughing: "You can play tonight on our stage, but hey we'll keep the money!!!".

Another great moment in Kissexy story happens in 2004 when the girls play in Spain at the Lorca Rock Festival (August 14th), sharing the same bill & stage with great international hard rocks acts like Europe, TNT and Axel Rudi Pell. In this occasion Mike Terrana (from Rage & Axel Rudi Pell) gets on stage with the girls to strip during the song Take It Off (like Kiss had strippers…) and the crowd of 8000 metalheads goes absolutely nuts!

In 2006 Kissexy are part of the american cd compilation "Girls Got Rhythm" (dedicated to the best international girls tribute bands, by Liquor and Poker label / Century Media distribution worldwide) with their sexy version of Lick It Up! This is their second partecipation to a tribute compilation: they contributed Detroit Rock City to "Italians Kiss Better" by Azzurra Music (Italy) in 2004.

The play mainly and a lot in their own country, Italy, but in 2007 the girls are invited back to Spain (in Càceres) to play at the huge Extremùsika Festival 07 as the final act on the hot bill! And it’s once again hotter than hell!!!!!

In their set the girls combine the Italian chart toppers I Was Made For Lovin' You and Shout It Out Loud to classics like Detroit Rock City, Deuce, Love Gun, God Of Thunder, Black Diamond and Rock'N'Roll All Nite, and they also include some "more obscure" songs like Hide Your Heart, Parasite, I Stole Your Love, Let’s Put The X In Sex, I Still Love You and Sure Know Something. Always performed hits like Lick It Up, Heaven's On Fire, Forever, C’Mon And Love Me, Strutter and an unplugged version of Hard Luck Woman to cover the whole spectrum of the huge and immortal Kiss carrier!

Every Kissexy show is an experience to live... and feel on your skin!

Do not miss THESE GOOD GIRLS GONE BAD when they're in town! Satisfaction is guaranteed!!!

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