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Which members of the band do have tattoos themselfes and which ones? Only Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley, Peter Criss and Eric Singer have tattoos. Find out all the details right here:

Paul Stanley has the well known tattoo of a rose on his right shoulder (since 1974):
PaulStanleymitTattoo.jpg (9689 Byte) PaulStanleyTattoo.gif (36013 Byte)
Photo: Rock'n Roll Tattoos (Vol.1, No.4, 1995)

Ace has two tattoos. Since the beginning of his days in Kiss he has his first name "ACE" tattooed on his right upper arm:
AcemitTattoos.jpg (11018 Byte) AceTattoo.gif (14898 Byte)
Photo: Gerhard Wimmer, 1995

Since about 1995 he has a second tattoo: a Gibson Guitar surrounded by a snake with an Ace on his left upper arm:
AcemitTattoo.jpg (6187 Byte) AceTattoo2.gif (20473 Byte)
Photo: Harald Streibl, 1995

Peter Criss has the most tattoos. Since the beginning of his days in Kiss he has a trefoil tattooed on his left chest:
Peter.jpg (10250 Byte) PeterTattooKleeblatt.gif (27304 Byte)
Photo: Circus Magazine, 1976

Since the beginning of his days in Kiss he has a little drum tattooed on his left upper arm. Around 1992 he added the Peter Criss cat logo from the "Rock and Roll over" cover to it:
PetermitTattoos.jpg (16760 Byte) PeterTattoos.gif (20073 Byte)Photo: Björn Madsen, 1994

Also in the early '90s he added two more tattoos: a rose with the name of his daughter, JENILEE, underneath, and a red cross with his lucky number 3 in the middle:
Petersignstitts.jpg (13251 Byte) PeterTattoos2.gif (19835 Byte)
Photo: Gerhard Wimmer, 1994

Recently Peter also tattooed the name of his wife GIGI on his left upper arm:
PeterGigiTattoo.jpg (8573 Byte) PeterGigiTattoo.gif (16840 Byte)
Photo: courtesy Jacques van Gool, 2003

Eric Singer has (or had) two tattoos: Woody Woodpecker with a little drum on his right upper arm (in the meantime he got rid of it):
EricSinger.jpg (12918 Byte) EricSingerTattoo.gif (20656 Byte)
Photo: Rock'n Roll Tattoos (Vol.1, No.4, 1995)

On his left upper arm ha has a tattoo of an animal (which looks like Animal from the Muppets-Show) with a little drum:
EricSinger2.jpg (7609 Byte) EricSingerTattoo2a.jpg (8692 Byte) Photo: Rock'n Roll Tattoos (Vol.1, No.4, 1995)

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