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Acelive3outdoors1974.jpg (10686 Byte)Paulliveoutdoors1974clapinghands.jpg (13002 Byte)These pictures are rare, they were taken at one of the first ever KISS concerts on March 26, 1974 in Canada. If you take a look at the tourdates, this show is listed as the second show of the first tour, not considering the local New York Gigs they played before the first album came out. All pictures were taken by rock photographer Bill Parsons in St.Louis Mo. when the Rock Station KSHE held a Kite fly contest in Forest Park. The show was free, and KISS played their 1st album.

These pictures are rare and Bill Parsons would like to keep them that way. All  his photography of KISS is not to be sold. He kindly approved to put them online here on KISS NEWS.
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