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Dal momento che soltanto le versioni tedesche ed inglesi di questo website sono in linea. Una versione italiana sarÓ presto disponibile. Nel frattempo potete entrare nel luogo tedesco o inglese, o potete ottenere il luogo tradotto da un calcolatore.

Tradurre questo website


Le traduzioni automatizzate sono approssimazioni del testo originale. Non dovrebbero essere considerate per come una traduzione esatta.

At the moment only the German version is fully available. Other language editions will follow soon. The main page is available in English though, so you will understand what it is all about. Please click on the American flag to enter the site! The exchange rate is roughly: 2 DM = 1 US $

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first German KISS book!
More details the the Fan Shop...



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The "featured item" will be described in detail with several photos and detailed information. This time:
the brandnew KISS camera!!!
More details in the Fan Shop...

This site, when finished will contain about 7.000 pages in several languages. Several websites will be  connected with several domain names, which will be announced at the scheduled time. The site will consist of three main sections:
  • KISS FAN SHOP (over 1.200 items available online)
  • KISS MUSEUM (over 12.000 display items)
  • KISS NEWS (daily news and much more)



  • over 1.200 items available online, and later up to close to 2.000 available on a shopping cart system.
  • collector's corner. trade/sell/buy/exchange anything about KISS. For KISS fans and collectors worldwide. Find the item you have been looking for a long item easily with putting an "ad" in the trading section. Meet other KISS fans to trade also with.
  • also includes the website owner's (Gerhard Wimmer) trade and wanted-list. The trade list includes very rare items which are not for sale, only for trade.
  • you will be able to search a database of over 12.000 items (KISS specials, songbooks, tourbooks, magazines with KISS on the cover, poster, articles and pin-ups). Almost one thousend 7" singles, over one hundred 12" singles and many CD-singles, CD-videos and cassette singles.
  • "featured item": every once in a while we take a closer look at a particular new item with a very detailed report and description
  • you will be able to search the fan shop by any key words you want
  • "special offer": once in a while we will run a special offer. There will be a picture hidden somewhere on one of the pages in the fan shop. If you find it, you may take advantage of the special offer.
  • all new additions to the fan shop will be mentioned
  • special low prices on particular items. They may change every few days.
  • special offer of the day: very cheap item(s) offered on certain days.
  • you can easily find anything you want with very detailed links
  • you may "view the whole list" with special links that lead you through the whole fan shop
  • overview new items coming soon
  • all items are in stock and available ecxept where otherwise noted
  • very fast delivery service
  • collector's search service



  • everything that ever came out from KISS (or at least almost everything), will be in the KISS MUSEUM, including many proto types and one-of-a-kind collectibles, searchable with a database. Including: over 500 official KISS specials, 1.500 magazines with KISS on the cover, about 50 songbooks, all tourbooks that ever came out including "The Return of KISS" tourbook. Almost 1.000 singles, about 130 twelve inch singles, over 100 CD-singles, 30 cassette singles and CD-videos. Over 2.200 posters, over 7.000 articles, over 700 pin ups, over 50 original Awards including at least one of each album, and hundrets of toys including many rare items many people never thought existed, such as official KISS playing cards from 1979 & more. Also a complete bootleg guide will be available with hundrets of bootlegs on vinyl and CD in word and picture including exact description (when and where it was recorded etc.) and sound quality. Almost everything will be pictured in detailed description and information about each, such as origianl price, history of the item and current collector's value etc. You will also find special links to special items like the oldest known articles, front-covers and reports about KISS from 1974/75. This site will be massive! You will be able to get a small preview through a link at the KISS FAN SHOP where you can find some listings of some German stuff like singles, magazines with KISS on the cover or KISS in the press...
    Contributions from fans are very welcome.

    Click here for a small preview of the museum

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  • This site will be massive as well. It's a total non-profit free website from KISS fans for KISS fans. All KISS fans will be able to contribute to the site in many ways. It took us half a year to find the right partners for this project. Many people didn't get it or just didn't understand it. We have learned that to have this website done by a professional web designer it would cost tens of thousends of Dollars. Finally, we found the best provider possible to make sure the pages show up fast and reliable. Our provider is Strato in Germany, which is the worlds biggest provider (they have 550.000 domains). There are also many features possible which would not be possible elsewhere.
  • daily KISS news
  • KISS links
  • tour dates
  • discography
  • biography on all members and ex-members
  • one site dedicated to each member or ex-member. You can learn everything about your favorite member...
  • a closer look at the KISS costumes. By member and year...
  • the KISS tours with set-lists
  • chat
  • fan finder (you can find KISS fans in your neighbourhood)
  • KISS cover bands (each cover band can get unlimited webspace to expose themselves and provide any info they have on the band, such as photos, tour-dates, contact-information etc. Even audio/video is possible)
  • detailed KISS convention/Expos report, including past reviews on the European convention-tours 1994 (with Peter Criss), 1995 (with Ace Frehley), 1996 (with Vinnie "wig" Vincent), 1998 (with Eric Singer) and 1999 (with Bruce Kulick). The tour reports will include inside information from Gerhard Wimmer, the promoter of these tours. Find out the real story about Vinnie Vincent and what went on when he left in the middle of the tour. You will find actual real photos of receipts and hotel bills, fake signatures when Vinnie Vincent signed as Gehard Wimmer at restaurants for a $ 100,- breakfast and much more. Also find out why Peter Criss almost got arrested on the tour. There will be lots of stories to be read.
  • your questions will be answered on a special q&a page about anything of interest about KISS or KISS merchandise.
  • get Die Nasty font
  • KISS screen saver
  • Midis
  • real audio/MP3
  • real video. As an exclusive you will find great professional footage from the very first show without make up in Portugal 1983 and more interesting videos.
  • photos - thousends of photos, not just any photos, only the best of the best, which you might have never seen before. You will find the photos both in small and big/good and bad quality. So, if you like, you can print them out in good quality. There will be many killer photos. There will be a whole roll of film (36 photos) from Filmore East, January 1974 and many rare old photos as well as new ones, with and without make-up.
  • site-map with links to all pages on the website with descriptions
  • you can search the website by any key words
  • join on the mailing list
  • KISS games
  • lyrics to all KISS songs with exact translation in local language!
  • KISS in the press - find out what the press writes about KISS
  • any new article, press report or whatever in any magazine in the world will be mentioned in the news. This will be s special service for all collectors. Anytime anything comes out anywhere in the world, you will find out with complete information!
  • guestbook
  • Gene Simmons home report with photos from his house
  • fanzines - find out all about fanzines like Clownwhite, Strike, KISS Kollector etc.
  • TV appearances - a closer look at KISS' most important tv appearances
  • reviews - about concerts, Expos etc... send in your reports!
  • write to KISS - you can send in your letters or e-mails, which will be forwarded to any member or ex-member you like
  • album reviews - which magazines wrote what about which ablum?
  • obscurities - for example: see a page from a Swedish school book from ca. 1980 "how to learn english" with a full page songtext "God of thunder" with translation into Swedish! What a way to learn English! 
  • KISS tattoos - do you have a KISS tattoo?
  • KISS fan page - any KISS fans will be able to send in photos of themselves and their collection with short introduction
  • KISS stories - send us your stories about or with KISS you have experienced
  • KISS history
  • KISS Dia show
  • opinion polls
  • be a KISS reporter (we publish your stories/news)
  • interviews
  • a closer, detailed look on all the films of Gene and KISS
  • statistics, such as: who wrote how many songs,which album sold how much etc.
  • all time favorite charts voted by you
  • all time favorite charts voted by you
  • we take a closer look at all the special effects such as blood spitting, fire breathing, Ace's burning guitar, Peter's rising drumkit, the smoke, bombs, confetti storm etc.
  • all this and much more!


If you would like to take part, let us know. If you are for example a big Ace Frehley fan and would like to do our Ace Frehley site, we might give you free webspace to do this page as part of our website. We are also looking for bootleg collectors to contribute or even run our bootleg-museum. If you run a fanzine and would like to promote it, you can do it on our site. Contact us at


Here are the rough opening schedules (schedules may change):

German site:
KISS FAN SHOP (April 2000)
KISS MUSEUM (winter 2000)
KISS NEWS (summer 2000)

English site:
KISS FAN SHOP (summer 2000)
KISS MUSEUM (winter 2000/early 2001)
KISS NEWS (summer/winter 2000)

French site:
KISS FAN SHOP (summer 2000)
KISS MUSEUM (winter 2000/early 2001)
KISS NEWS (summer/winter 2000)

Dutch site:
KISS FAN SHOP (summer 2000)
KISS MUSEUM (winter 2000/early 2001)
KISS NEWS (summer/winter 2000)

to be announced

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