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Bruce Kulick has been Special Guest on a series of Kiss Parties and travelled for a week through Germany and Holland to sign autographs, pose for pictures and answer all kind of questions from the fans. We learned that Bruce is in the middle of writting a book, for which he is still looking for a distributor. According to Bruce it will be a "clean" book without any scandals. He is about to record 12 or 13 songs for his upcoming solo-album to be released early next year. Union are having a break now, but they are not splitting up. He also does not believe that Kiss will get him back into the band, because of his opinion there is not such a strong demand for a  "Revenge" aera  Reunion.

BruceRikkQ-AMunich2000-10-06.JPG (55840 Byte)A lot dealers from around the globe were also present to sell all kind of merchandise. A lot of old merchandise could be found as well, for  the appropriate prices....  pretty much everything was available. The only collectible item missing was probably a nude Gene Simmons photo.

Three live-bands were playing at each party. Opener were  "Chikara" who played some Kiss covers, followed by   "Toxic Sin", who didn't have anything in common with Kiss at all (pretty much a  Rammstein cover-band). Headliners were shooting stars "Shameless", who played the very first time in Germany and Holland. The newcomers who had just released their second CD "Queen 4 a day" came with Tuff-singer Stevie, because their origianl singer was unfortunately unable to attend the shows. Some Kiss-cover songs were of course included in the set (including a surprising "Tomorrow"), but they mainly played their own material. Bruce Kulick joined the band on stage for the encores to play 4 songs with them. Three Kiss songs and one Shameless-song, where Bruce had already played on the album. Here are some photos from the party in Munich.

BruceliveShameless9Munich2000-10-06.JPG (27356 Byte)
Bruce Kulick live with "Shameless"
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Bruce2Q-AMunich2000-10-06.JPG (26020 Byte)
Bruce anwering questions on stage
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FlorianHedwiglive3Munich2000-10-06.JPG (33532 Byte)
"Chikara" with frontman Florian
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AlexliveShamelessMunich2000-10-06.JPG (37450 Byte)
Alexx Michael from "Shamesless"
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KissPartyMunich2000-10-06AlexEckert.JPG (32581 Byte)
Shameless Alexx before the show
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KissPartyMunich2000-10-06tableAlf-Streibldolls.JPG (43696 Byte)
Alf had 2 Kiss dolls to offer
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KissPartyMunich2000-10-06tableAndiFriedemann.JPG (73039 Byte)
A dealer doing the demons ritual
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KissPartyMunich2000-10-06tableLou-dolls.JPG (70394 Byte)
Some dealers had also old merchandise to offer
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KissPartyMunich2000-10-06tableLeroux.JPG (66366 Byte)
An American dealer posing for the camera
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KissPartyMunich2000-10-06tableZihlmann.JPG (64657 Byte)
Someone offering original Kiss Awards...
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KissPartyMunich2000-10-06tablePhil.JPG (70108 Byte)

KissPartyMunich2000-10-06tableReuter.JPG (63684 Byte)