Are you marry?

Do you have a children?

Where are your home?

Do you meet or know some russians?
Yes, great people!

What you know about Russia today?
I know a lot of good things!

Gene Simmons saids many times Kiss wants to play in Moscow at Red
Square, it never happens, why?

Must ask Gene

To be in Kiss, do you have any stories about russian fans at Kiss

Not yet, but I'm sure I will!

Your favourite food?
I like all, depends on mood..

Are you writing the songs?
Not right now.

Which instruments you can play?
Guitar and saxophone.

Are you trying to writing with Kiss?
Already have.

Do you have any plans to play in Europe, it's a chance for many
russians to see Kiss at concerts?

I hope so.

Your worst memories about to play with Kiss for the first time?
All good memories.

What you thing about Road Island incident with Great White? Can it
happens with Kiss?

The KISS pyro show is professionally run with safety is always as
first and foremost concern.

When I was in Prague back in 1996 I feel the heart from the flames, my
eyes were blind and I was absolutely deaf. Don't you care about fans'

Yes, very much.

After you lanch your official site, do you have any personal projects,
plans for the future?


Where you was at 11 of September, 2001?
I was at home in California.

Do you like animals?
Yes, very much.

Is Tommy Thayer your real name?

Yes, always.

Gene Simmons said Kiss never contracted with Russian promoters back in
1999, is it true?

Must ask Gene.

Is it true, when Ace Frehley was a part of Kiss and lating for Kiss
concert you was dressed like him, standing backstage ready to go on

Yes, that's true.

What about releationship with Ace Frehley, when you saw him last time?
Very good.

Are you planning to release Tommy Thayer solo-album? If so, what kind
of music you providing?

No plans.

What kind of music you like? What music you listing to relax?

We don't wonder if Kiss says they want to do Kiss Opera or do a Kiss
album with rap artists. Do you have any crazy projects for the future
with Kiss?

No plans like that.

What the memories you have from the first Kiss concert you play? I
think it was in Australia?

Actually, it was a year before in Jamaica.

It's a hard to move with yourself so giant stage, technique and
people. Are you tired from all this circus?

No, not at all!

Kiss have a lot great songs like Charisma, What Makes The World Go
Round, Nowhere To Run. Why everytime you change visually, but not

KISS has so many great tunes, it's hard to decide which to play!

What the company you prefer: with 2 girls or with Gene Simmons?
Silly question, I'll take the girls!

What makes you happy on all 100%?
Making other people happy.

Your favourite Kiss song, Kiss album and Kiss tour?

"Anything for my Baby" song, "Dressed to Kill" album, "Alive IV" tour.

When and where you meet Kiss for the first time?

Do you have any problems with make-up? How your skin feel the make-up?
It actually moisturizes your face!

When I saw Rove Live, I recognise you was so nervous. Why? You looked
good in Ace Frehley costume and make-up.


Kiss already have 2 differen drummers: Eric Singer and Peter Criss,
what the different. Who are the best?

Both are great, but both very different styles.

I heard you want to reunion with original line-up of Black'N'Blue,
tell us about it?

No reunion.

Please tell what you want to your Russian fans.

To ALL KISS fans in Russia: You're the VERY best!


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