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Eric Carr joined in June 1980, and the first job was to find an image for him. At first they came up with The Hawk. Picture A is the original sketch of the make-up (probably by Paul Stanley), while picture B and C are the only known photos of the make-up. Sadly picture B is in black-and-white, while a color version can be seen in the "KISS My Ass" home video! 
Picture C shows a slightly different variation of the make-up in full color. You'll have to look carefully to see the differences, but Eric has painted his nose like a beak and those tailfins down his chins are placed differently.   
Picture C shows the prototype of the Hawk costume. It would have made Eric look somewhat like a certain character from Sesame Street. KISS: The Demon, The Starchild, The Spaceman, and... Big Bird? I don't think so!! 
Thank God this never happened... Eric would have looked ridiculous.

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According to the legend Eric came up with The Fox in the last minute (to avoid being called Big Bird, presumably). Picture E and F shows two variations of the original make-up in close-up, which was only used for one show (the New York Palladium show in June 1980). Picture E is one of the earliest photos, which shows all details of the make-up. Picture F is almost the same make-up, this time in color. The only difference between the two is the way he painted the mouth (as far as I can see). 
As you can see Eric had painted an area around each eye brown, and the tip of the nose were painted gold. The entire mask was outlined with silver.
By the time KISS arrived in Europe for their tour, in late August, the make-up had changed to the one seen in picture G. The silver outline was gone, and so was the golden nose tip. Instead the area around the nostrils were painted silver, and a large white area had appeared on the brink of the nose. Many of the photos in the tour book for that tour, was of Eric with the original version of the make-up, and had to be retouched to bring them "up-to-date"! 
Another small change came in late 1982, when Eric dropped the little sneer at the edges of the mouth (picture H). This was just for a while though, as some picture with Vinnie had Eric in the "sneer" make-up!
It's difficult to find pictures that shows the full make-up, because of Eric's enormous hair doo!

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