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October 29, 2003

magRockHard2003-10Spain.gif (3540 Byte)KISS IN THE PRESS
In the October-issue of the Spanish edition of "Rock Hard" magazine you will find Gene Simmons on the cover and a 4-page report on the Kiss/Aerosmith tour.

October 29, 2003

(from KISS Kollector Online/
Sunday October 26, KISS Kollector Fanclub hosted the annual KISS Expo in Holland once again. This time former KISS guitarplayer Mark St John was the special guest. Not only was it Mark's very first trip to Europe, he was also the last remaining former member of the band that appeared at a KISS Expo in Holland. Mark turned out to be a very relaxed and approachable figure, without any ego. Too bad he had injured his hand the day prior to flying to Europe, which unabled him to play guitar and therefore he didn't take his guitars with him (so he also could not offer the guitars for sale).

Cover band Torpedo Girls played two great sets, the first one starting at 18.00 hours, the last one kicking off with Heaven's On Fire, featuring Mark St John on backing vocals. During the day, dealers from Germany, Holland, USA, UK and other countries had been selling lots of merchandise, while videos from the current KISS tour were intermingled with other KISS footage (including episodes from the reality soap The Simmons). Much to the fans' surprise, also in attendance at the Expo last Sunday was one of Holland's top politicians, Maxim Verhagen (from christian party CDA). Just like last year's Expo, Mr. Verhagen was attending with his children who're KISS fans. For a full report on the annual KISS Kollector Expo, please check out the upcoming issue of KISS Kollector magazine (issue 47 is scheduled for January/February 2004).

October 26, 2003

(from Vance)
MarkStJohn2003-10-25.gif (5499 Byte)
Hi, I have just got back home after the Nottingham Kiss Expo which featured Mark St John as special Guest. Mark was very easy going and a pleasure to meet. Here is a pic of Mark and myself from the event.

October 23, 2003
(from KISS Kollector Online / )
Mark St John will be appearing at the Nottingham KISS Expo in England and the Helmond KISS Expo in Holland in the weekend of October 25 and 26.

Not only will he be playing live with tribute band Dressed To Kill in
England and with cover band Torpedo Girls in Holland, he will also be
selling his CD's, do a Q & A session, pose for photos and sign autographs. But he will also be selling 1 or 2 of his vintage guitars.

Tickets for both Expos are still available. For more info on the October
26 KISS Expo at Plato in Helmond please check out

October 22, 2003

We are pleased to announce that on Saturday November 1st 2003, we will host the Canadian Cd Release Party for Bruce Kulick’s new album “Transformer”.As part of the Kiss Apalooza weekend, Bruce Kulick (former Kiss Lead Guitarist) will host the event answering questions, autographing copies, as well as performing songs Live. This will be Bruce's first appearance since been shot in L.A last week.Bruce’s band will have Winnipeg’s own Brent Fitz on drums. Brent plays the drums on 11 of the 12 songs on Transformer and has also played with Bruce in “Union”. Brent will be taking time off from touring with Motley Crue singer Vince Neil to attend the event. Opening band for this event will be Intravenus de Milo.

On the following day Bruce will team up with former Kiss drummer Eric Singer at the Kiss Expo. Bruce and Eric will be answering questions about Kiss as well as signing autographs and performing Live. Mike Brandvold Executive Director of Kiss Online, (the Official Kiss webpage) will be in attendance to answer questions. As well as offer new kiss merchandise from the Aerosmith/Kiss tour. Dealers will be on hand from around the world selling the best in Kiss collectibles. Two KISS full makeup tribute bands will be performing on Sunday at the expo. Winnipeg’s own “The Paul Stanley’s” and from Kelowna, BC “Pandemonium”

 We will be having a silent/Chinese auction at both events with all money raised going to Cancer Care Manitoba. We will also be auctioning off a Brand New ESP Guitar (which Bruce will be playing at both events), courtesy of Bruce Kulick and ESP GUITARS USA. All the money raised from the guitar will go to Cancer Care Manitoba.

October 22, 2003
magWhatsOn2003-10-21USA.gif (3602 Byte)KISS IN THE PRESS

Kiss are on the cover of the local magazine called "What's On" in Las Vegas.

October 18, 2003

(Media contact: Anne Leighton 718-881-8183/ - Guitarist Bruce Kulick is recovering at home, after being released early Thursday morning (October 16) from Cedars- Sinai hospital. The main discrepancy in previous news reports was that the venue he attended last night was at THE KEY CLUB and Bruce was not involved with the altercation that occured at the RAINBOW BAR AND GRILL. Here is Bruce's report:

"I had a great time at the Key Club seeing Vince Neil perform.

Highlights of the night included seeing my old drummer from Union--Brent Fitz-- play with Vince. It was amazing to see Motley Crue's founder and bassist Nikki Sixx getting up to jam with Vince and his band.

After thanking the band for the show, I left the club at 1:20 a.m. I was walking down the street (Sunset Blvd) just outside of the KEY CLUB to get my car with my friend when shots rang out.
[read the rest]

October 16, 2003


Around 1:30 AM, there was a shooting outside the Rainbow Bar & Grill on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood. As the story goes, earlier in the evening there was a fight, and after the fight, one of the guys came back with a gun and opened fire into the crowd by the patio at the Rainbow, hitting Bruce Kulick and hitting one of B-Real's friend's in the foot. A total of 3 shots were fired, and when the pussy was out of bullets, a crowd of about 30 people basically beat the shit out of the guy in the middle of Sunset Blvd. He was hit with bottles, kicks, fists, and shit like that.

Bruce was being attended to down by the Key Club, where Vince Neil was performing, and will be ok but was naturally very shaken up. The latest report is that Bruce was hit in the leg from a ricochet and grazed in his temple by another one. He was obviously very lucky!

As for the guy who opened fire, he was last seen being put into the ambulance and was really fucked over. The entire street was shut down and we will have more on this when it becomes available.
[read the rest]

October 15, 2003

(from Manuela Gomba)
I just found an interview with Tommy Thayer at

October 12, 2003

In the meantime Dark Horse Comic #13 is already on sale. Also a second paperback edition incl. comics #4 - 6 came out. The November-issue of "Metal Edge" (USA) includes a Kiss-calendar. The September-issue of "Hard Rock" (France) includes a 6-page report on the Kiss/Aerosmith Tour, as well as a compilation CD with Kiss on the cover.

October 10, 2003

(from reports that KISS and AEROSMITH are prepping separate arena tours for next year. As previously reported, AEROSMITH will also release a collection of blues-inspired songs on Columbia in early 2004.

KISS and AEROSMITH have extended their successful co-headlining tour into late December. The trek, which rolls into Mountain View, California Friday night (Oct. 10), is now slated to wrap Dec. 20 in Fresno, Calif. Several major markets will be revisited, including Boston, Detroit, New York and Los Angeles.

The KISS/AEROSMITH tour has played to 85% capacity and grossed more than $31.5 million, according to figures for 24 shows submitted to
Billboard Box Score.

"There are a lot of people who see this as the tour of the year, and a lot of people want to see it," KISS guitarist/vocalist Paul Stanley told Billboard in August. "As long as everybody's enjoying themselves, that's the key to it — we always wind up going full-circle to 'this has to be enjoyable.' Fans know when you're having a great time, so as long as this is fun, we'll continue to do it. If it truly turned into the battle of the bands, we'd go home.

October 10, 2003

KissExpo2003-10-25England.gif (3089 Byte)(from Dave)
Hello Everyone,
Just a quick email to remind you all we are but 2 weeks away from the KISS EXPO 2003.
As you all should know tickets are cheaper to purchase in advance,so do so now.
Chilren over 14 are welcome untill 9pm
VIP Entry is 12:00 midday
Standard entry is 1:00pm
Hope to see you all soon folks!

October 9, 2003

magMusicNews2003-10USA.gif (3574 Byte)KISS IN THE PRESS
Kiss are on the cover of the October-issue of the local free mag "Music News" from Houston.

October 7, 2003

Scott Yorston)
The Kiss Symphony DVD is still number 1 in Australia. Go to to get all the details.

October 5, 2003


Thousends of Kiss fans, who recently bought the KISS Symphony DVD in Europe, got a bad surprise: the menu has been censored on ALL European DVD's. Instead of the original trademark KISS logo you can only see the censored German logo in the menu of all European DVD's.  You may be surprised to hear, that the German DVD's did not get censored in the video itself, so why you may wonder, was it then censored in the menu?

It is bad enough, that the trademark KISS logo has to be censored in Germany, but why a censorship all over Europe? It is hard to believe, that the band gave their permission for a valunteer cencorship all over Europe. Anyone who wants to speak up against this censorship may send an e-mail to this address:
Sanctuary Records Customer Service:

The release of "Alive IV" was already anything else than smooth, but there were even a lot more problems with the release of the DVD. Besides the usual delay of the release (almost every country in Europe by the way had a different release-date!?) and the censorship in the menu, most DVD's came with a wrong booklet. Most European DVD's (with the original logo) came with a censored German booklet. In the German booklet by the way, not just the logos, but some photos were censored as well. According to Sanctuary, this was a mistake in the pressing plant.  

The record company knew from the beginning, that most DVD's came with the wrong booklet. Knowing, that this was the pressing plants fault, people are wondering, why they kept on delivering the DVD's with the wrong booklet to the dealers all over Europe instead of asking the pressing plant to deliver DVD's with the correct booklets immediately. This would have been a matter of just a few days, even before the release date of most European countries. Thousands of fans now have a wrong and censored booklet in their DVD.

If you have such a censored booklet in your DVD, you may ask for a correct uncensored booklet at Sanctury Records Customer Service:

The fact, that some people had two identical DVD's (mostly DVD ONE) in the package, was also the fault of the pressing plant. You may also make a complain at the Sanctury Records Customer Service, if you got one of those.

The record company got conftronted with all those facts, but refused to make a statement.

Also worth mentioning is the fact, that the DVD was promoted by using the wrong layout. The DVD was pictured often in adverts or reviews with a black or a white cover. In fact in reality it is silver. Some collectors ordered this edition with the "different" cover, but got obvioulsy the DVD with the silver cover. Maybe this was the intention...?

October 5, 2003

(from Fred Vehert)
Click on the following address to read an exclusive interview of Tommy Thayer, brought to you by Diamant Noir, the 1st French KISS Website !

October 4, 2003

(from David Glessner/
If cats have nine lives, then feline-faced Kiss drummer Peter Criss is a whisker's width from borrowed time. At 57, the Brooklyn-born alley cat has survived some hair-raising near misses.

"My worst (onstage mishap) was at Madison Square Garden, which is my home," he says, while sipping an afternoon cup of coffee. "I was just dying to finally be playing there and I got hit in the eye with an egg. It was coming from a distance, man, and it hurt! It was all over my drums and I was furious. That was back in the day and it was very insulting (laughs)." [read the rest]

October 4, 2003

Strange, but true: Kiss re-entered the German LP-charts at # 38. It seems like the DVD-sales counted for "Alive IV" as well.

October 2, 2003

(from Yahoo News)
Kiss singer-bassist Gene Simmons and singer-guitarist Paul Stanley (news) were handed subpoenas before their show with Aerosmith on Friday (September 26) at the Tweeter Center in Tinley Park, Illinois.

Stanley and Simmons were served in conjunction with a case against Jesse Hilsen, the band's former business manager. Hilsen fled to South Africa in 1994 and became a fugitive rather than pay $2 million or more to his former wife Rita in their divorce settlement, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Among other things, the Kiss leaders are being asked whether any bandmembers have been in contact with Hilsen since 1994, whether there are still any financial ties between the band and Hilsen, and whether Kiss is in possession of any of Hilsen's assets.

Hilsen's relationship with Kiss goes back about 20 years, to when he was Stanley's psychiatrist. He became the band's business manager in the late 1980s and continued in that role until 1992, when he and Kiss parted company.

The newspaper reports that Stanley and Simmons "were incredibly gracious" while being served with the papers. The process server wished them a happy New Year in Hebrew, since Friday was the start of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, and they wished him happy New Year back, also in Hebrew.

Kiss hasn't issued a statement about the subpoenas or the lawsuit.

The Hilsens were divorced in 1988, but Jesse Hilsen didn't make any alimony or child-support payments, and he declared bankruptcy in 1993 before leaving the country. Rita Hilsen has been living in homeless shelters for more than 10 years, since losing her home.

October 1, 2003
(from Ivano Ravanello)
Kiss Symphony DVD #1 debut on Australia's DVD chart. (Check out ARIA site) Australian Record Industry Association.

October 1, 2003

magBassGuitar2003FallUSA.gif (3501 Byte)KISS IN THE PRESS
(from Jacques van Gool)
Gene Simmons is on the cover of the new "Bass Guitar" magazine (Fall 2003, USA)