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November 29, 2003

(from Pavel Hromada)
New rock radio in Prague, CZ, EE. Careless ride, trafic info and rock at 105.9 FM

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November 27, 2003
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Kiss are on the cover of the local free German magazine "Top 10" to promote the new Didi Zill book, which is coming out shortly. It also includes a Kiss poster and 2 articles.

November 26, 2003

You may have noticed a new link on the left side. Here you can now find a Kiss Biography.

November 24, 2003

Which members of the band do have tattoos themselfes and which ones? Only Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley, Peter Criss and Eric Singer have tattoos. Find out all the details right here.

November 24, 2003

ShessoEuropean.gif (10916 Byte)ZDF KULTNACHT
You can see Kiss' legendary appearance on 1980's "Rock Pop" show that was shown on "Kultnacht" now online on the ZDF website: click here to see KISS perform "She's so European.

November 24, 2003

(from )
Mark St. John gives in-depth interview about working with Eric Carr

Toronto - November 22, 2003 - Mark St. John talks exclusively with about working with Eric Carr during the turbulent Animalize era.

On November 9, 2003, Mark shared his insights of working with Eric, working with KISS, the entire band dynamics as well as speculated on Eric's cause of death.

The interview is now posted on

Mark tells us about his first meeting with Eric and then goes on to reveal the inner workings of the one of the most influential bands of our time.  

All questions were based on Mark's personal experiences with Eric Carr during his short tenure with KISS and up to Eric's tragic death on November 24, 1991. is also known as The Eric Carr Photo Gallery and
Information Centre.  Launched in November 2001, the site has over 2,200 photos of Eric and Eric with KISS, plus wallpaper, trivia, interviews, tour books and much more.   Updated weekly with approximately 70 new photos added each month.  The site is a non-profit, fan based site and is in no way connected to Eric Carr's family or KISS.

November 22, 2003

(from "Starchild" Zoltán / Kiss Forever Band)
Here comes our tour-dates in December/2003:
29.11. Aathal (CH) - Alcatraz
04.12. Stuttgart (D) - Classic Rock Cafe
05.12. Horb/Altheim (D) - Rainbow
06.12. Minden (D) - Bunker
11.12. Grieskirchen (A) - Marxim
12.12. Kirchheim/Teck (D) - Bastion
13.12. Pforzheim (D) - Irelands Own Irish Pub
18.12. Wels (A) - Cafe Leise
19.12. Verviers (B) - Spirit of 66
20.12. Oudenaarde (B) - 't Stadt

November 21, 2003

Do you have a website and would like to link to us? Here are a few banners you could use.

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November 20, 2003

TezkeyPokondr.gif (3677 Byte)(from Pavel Hromada)
New CD of domestic band „Tezkej Pokondr“ breaks sales on Czech market and shocks all Kiss fans. More info at

November 20, 2003

Click here to see some KISS photos taken by photographer Ross Halfin.

November 16, 2003

(from Pat)

New live CD from The Emperor Available now through Poptown Records, Richie Scarlet Live "Stage to Stage" has 10 killer songs from various RS solo gigs, Featuring Larry Fisher on bass, Steve Werner on drums and Pete Gallanari on keyboards....CLICK HERE FOR TRACK LISTING AND CD ARTWORK

Price will be $ 15 plus 2.50 shipping per disc for 1st class postage for any US territories, Postal or bank money orders in United States funds. Send to:

C. Laubis / Poptown Records
PO Box 51
Lincolndale NY 10540

USA is more set up for credit card/pay pal etc/foreign orders etc etc. So check that site soon for more details

November 16, 2003

You can find articles about Kiss in the new issues of "Masters of Metal" (USA/November 2003; 4 pages), in "Blender" (USA/November 2003; ad for Nintando) and "Classic Rock" (England/December 2003; 7 pages).

November 8, 2003

On November 22, 2003 at night at 1.15 am Kiss will be on the German TV station "ZDF" on "Kultnacht". ZDF can be seen all over Europe on Astra. On this show they will bring the best appearances from "Rock Pop". Kiss appeared in 1980 on this show playing "Talk to me" and "She's so European". On "Kultnacht" you will be able to see "She's so European". Other bands shown include AC/DC (Highway to hell) and The Police amongst others. 

November 8, 2003

(from Pieter Balk)

Saw the info on the Hotter Than Hell stage on Activision's new Tony Hawk Game "Tony Hawk Underground" avalable on XBOX, Gamecube and PS2.

When you finish the Hotter than Hell stage, that can be UNLOCKED after finishing ALL missions on any level, you can watch an ALL NEW KISS movie specially made for this game. Here's how to unlock this movie in the Hotter Than Hell Stage:

Unlock KISS Movie

Unlock Hotter Than Hell, and spell KISS by lighting up the letters.
The K and I are in corners of the level, and one S can be done by spine transfering the fun box.

Finish it off with a leap through rings of fire.

Every time after you do it the first, KISS comes on stage and plays a song.

November 7, 2003

magPopular1-2003-11Spain.gif (3308 Byte)KISS IN THE PRESS
The November-issue of "Popular 1" magazine (Spain) features Kiss on the cover. English "Classic Rock" magazine has a split cover of Steven Tyler and Gene Simmons.

November 6, 2003

Richie Fontana, best known by KISS fans for playing drums on Paul Stanley's solo KISS album, has issued his first solo album titled "Steady On The Steel". An independent release on his own Yankee Music label, this songwriter's showcase was produced, arranged, and written by Richie, and contains 14 songs that fall into the category of Power Pop.

For many years, Richie Fontana was a close member of the KISS family. As the drummer for the band Piper with Billy Squier (A&M Records); the group performed as the opening act for KISS on their "Love Gun" tour in 1978. Later, Richie became a member of The Skatt Bros. (Casablanca Records), the band founded by Sean Delaney, producer of the second Piper album as well as the Gene Simmons
solo KISS album and others. Both of these bands were handled by Aucoin Management, administrators of the KISS empire at that time.
Richie also appears on the 'KISS Box Set', which contains "Tonight You Belong To Me" from Paul Stanley/KISS (Richie Fontana - drums). 
(Piper w/Billy Squier, Bill Aucoin and Sean Delaney)

During the 80's, Richie toured with Laura Branigan at the peak of her career, and worked with various artists including Dr. John and John Pousette-Dart. Richie also worked as a session musician for a period of time in NYC.

Being a songwriter and having the ability to produce, arrange, and play
different instruments, has subsequently led to the above mentioned release: "Steady On The Steel" by Richie Fontana; see The website has biographical and retrospective sections with plenty of career photographs and text, as well as a discography and MP3 samples of the album.

REVIEW: by Ken Sharp (author of the newly released book: "KISS, Behind The Mask: The Official Authorized Biography")

<<<Appeared in The Rock Report, published in the national music trade
publication, Friday Morning Quarterback. Distributed weekly to over 1000 radio stations, The Rock Report features the latest breaking music news and reviews.>>>

A former member of Seventies hard pop troupe, Piper (a band which included Billy Squier), Richie Fontana issues his first solo CD, Steady On The Steel (Yankee Music). Since his tenure with Piper, Fontana, a respected session drummer, has played with the likes of Paul Stanley of KISS.

Through the course of his apprenticeship, one listen to Steady On The Steel confirms that Fontana learned his craft well. His new release works its undeniable charm via a solid collection of deliciously melodic heavy pop numbers, displaying Fontana's muscular, full-bodied voice and an innate ear for a killer hook. Produced and arranged by Fontana, the artist is a literal one-man band on the release, effortlessly playing all guitars, bass, keyboards and drums, and most crucially, making it sound like a 'band.' Chock-full of radio friendly cuts, winners include "You Were Right On Time," the irresistible power pop blast of CD opener, "Everytime I Dream," the edgy "Neverland," "Somebody's Lover," and the Beatlesque "Baggage & Blues," all choice nuggets on this strong debut offering. Info:

Ken Sharp

November 3, 2003

Scott Yorston)
Just to let eveyone know that the Kiss Syphony DVD is at # 8 in the Australian charts. Check the Aria website for details. That's after it's release 6 weeks ago, so still selling well hear in Australia.