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November 25, 2002
The KISS Expo with Special Guest Eric Singer will take place at the Zeche in Bochum this Sunday.
There are plenty of tickets available on the day of the Expo after 2.30 pm.
The Q & A will take place now at 4 pm, one hour earlier than scheduled. This change had to be done just to make sure, that there is enough time, that everybody will be able to get a signature and a photo with Eric at the sign-session afterwards.
There are prices for the best make-up/costume and the best KISS Tattoo. There is also a price for the person who had the longest travel to the Expo.

November 24, 2002

In the   December-issue of "Classic Rock" there is a full page about the KISS condoms in the news-section.

November 21, 2002

Bruce Kulick is coming to Norway next week to join the metal festival 1001WATT in Skien from 28-30th of November. He will be joining a KISS-cover band for a live performance, do a signing session and do his first ever guitar clinic in Scandinavia. He will also meet the Norwegian press, and on Monday Bruce will be live on National radio at Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, NRK P3. Fans around the world can listen to him live on the net as well. The program is called "Musikkmisjonen" and air local time 10.00pm. Los Angeles time 1.00pm and New York time at 4.00pm.

You can listen live here

You can also read more about the festival in English at

November 20, 2002

from Russel)
Paul/Gene will be in New York City  on Tuesday Dec 3rd at Virgin Records here in Manhattan. Signing Copies of there new book of early Kiss photos.

November 18, 2002

In the   December-issue of the German "Hammer" you will find a 3-page interview with Bruce Kulick, and in the German "FHM" a 2-page interview with Gene Simmons.

November 13, 2002

Bet you didn't know that Paul Stanley of Kiss performed at a $2500 a plate benefit last night (Nov 12) entitled "42nd & Vine . . . Hollywood Hits Broadway". It took place at the Walfdorf Hotel in NYC. It was to raise money to create the Jay Monahan Center for Gastrointestinal Health at New York-Presbyterian Hospital. Paul performed a song "Quintet" from West Side Story. Stars included, Robin Williams, Susan
Sarandon, Meryl Streep, Kelsey Grammar, Josh Groban, Beyoncé Knowles, Kevin Kline, Bette Midler, Rita Moreno, Chita Rivera, Amy Grant, Vince Gill, Tony Danza, Jesse L. Martin, Davis Gaines, Heather Headley, Rebecca Luker as well as "Sopranos" cast members Tony
Sirico, John Ventimiglia, Steve Schirripa and Federico Castelluccio. I have some extra programs from the event if interested!

November 7, 2002

"KISS NEWS" NOMINATED AS BEST FANPAGE is nominiated for the 2002 Online Music Awards as the best Fanpage! You can vote for KISS NEWS at (the site can also be viewed in English). You have to vote for all categories. Everybody who is voting will take part in giveaways of free DVD's, CD's and tickets. Deadline for voting is November 25, 2002.

November 4, 2002

As it looks like, the Expo in Bochum might become the biggest Expo in Germany so far. No matter what, there will still be enough tickets available at the door on Sunday, December 1st at 2.30 pm. at the Zeche in Bochum.

There will be international dealers from various countries selling all kind of merchandise, some people are reported to be selling their collections. There will be about 50 - 60 tables of merhandise, the venue will be filled with dealers and merchnadise old and new. The KISS FAN SHOP alone will have about 40 tables.

Everything is concentrating on one single event instead of a full tour. Usually the KISS FAN SHOP organizes a full Eurpean tour of Expos, but since Eric is on tour with Alice Cooper (for Tourdates see ) and only has some spare time on just one Sunday in between shows, there will be only one Expo taking place organized by the KISS FAN SHOP. Eric is doing more Expos than the one in Bochum, but please take notice, that these have absolutely nothing to do with the KISS FAN SHOP who organized the previous Expo-tours in Europe. The KISS FAN SHOP will only have tables at the Expo in Bochum and nowhere else.

You may ask Eric whatever you want at the question-answer-session. How did he find out, that he is back in Kiss again? And will he be in the band again at the next tour? How was that show in Jamaica with Tommy Thayer replacing Ace Frehley, and why did Kiss change their opinion and had him wearing Peters make-up instead of his own?

November 2, 2002

SEAN DELANEY'S AUTOBIOGRAPHYseanDelanybookcover.gif (3296 Byte)
(from Kiss Kollector Fanclub)
Sean Delaney, who was one of the creative forces behind KISS from 1973-1982, will make his one and only European appearance at the November 11 KISS Expo in Holland (at De Kade in Zaandam). Not only will he sign autographs and pose for photos with the KISS fans, he will also tell his side of the story on what has been going on behind the scenes during the wild seventies. All the good shit, and all the bad shit - from the groundbreaking Alive! album to the inner band troubles, and from the incredible promotional campaigns to the maffia influence. Sean Delaney has been working on his autobiography for years and is looking at an early 2003 release. Tentatively titled Sean Delaney's Hellbox, the cover (see scan) features great artwork by Roy Young, an old friend of Sean's who has worked for McFarlane (Spawn) and Lady Death, Evil Ernie comic books as a colorist and illustrator.

November 2, 2002

(from Kiss Kollector Fanclub)
Recently a rumor went all over Europe about a possible European KISS Tour in April of next year, but this appears to be very, very unlikely as the band seems to be planning a USA Tour for April/May 2003. According to one of our sources, the band wants the tour to kick off in the first week of April, so it's impossible to play in Europe then. The European rumor was caused by a vague report in Belgian media about a motor race festival in some bad area of Belgium where supposedly the real KISS would be playing at a 4.000 seat venue (which obviously is very unlikely,   as we can all imagine KISS will play a much bigger venue on their last Belgian date) with tickets reportedly only going on sale on the day of the concert...

November 2, 2002

The report in a Belgium newspaper about a possible Kiss concert in April is most likely incorrect. Meanwhile KISS NEWS has received a phone call from the manager of Hungarian KISS cover band "KISS Forever" saying, that they will play at that show in Belgium. The newspaper probably has mixed up Kiss and the cover band. The German promoter also told KISS NEWS, that there are no plans for a German tour right now. Obviously Kiss would also be playing in Germany, if they play a concert in Belgium...