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advertEricSingerPearl2001.jpg (146221 Byte)June 30, 2001

In the new issue of "Drum" magazine June/July 2001 you can find a new full page advert from Eric Singer for Pearl. He has dark short hair and no make-up. Kiss are not even mentioned in the advert...

June 30, 2001

In the new issue of "Blender" magazine June/July 2001 you can find a full page pin-up of the Vinnie Vincent Invasion 1987.

June 29, 2001

(from Jan Laursen/KISS NEWS Denmark webmaster)

Finally we can look forward to the release of "KISS - The Second Coming" on DVD in Denmark! We just recieved this press release from Vision Park Distribution A/S:

Vision Park Distribution A/S has taken over the distributionen and marketing of AVIVA International in Denmark.

AVIVA International is an American company, who produces concert recordings on DVD in super-quality with some of the biggest names in music. You can look forward to awesome recordings with superb sound, and with all the features, that makes   DVD to the audio- and visual medium of the future.

To begin with we have chosen the following titles from AVIVA’s large catalogue. But there will be more interesting news in the near future, and also more titles from AVIVA’s vast back catalogue."

Between the mentioned titles are KISS - The Second Coming, which is described like this:

KISS - The Second Coming: "Kiss Alive Worldwide" was the title of the "comeback-tour" of one of rock’s most spectacular names in the last 25 years. After a 18 year "seperation", the band members of KISS; Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons (you know... the guy with the tongue), Ace Frehley & Peter Criss, buried the hatchet and got together in full make-up, and kicked so much "rock-ass", that they quickly regained their old moniker "The Hottest Band In The World". Here you can see the band on full throttle on this incredible tour. A must for all rock-fans!

A must for all fans... yes, indeed!! The DVD is expected to hit the stores in very near future!! 

June 29, 2001

Bo Zarp from Denmark has joined our Fan Pages. Click here to see his contribution.

June 25, 2001

David Cagliola has joined our Fan Pages. Click here to see his contribution.

June 25, 2001

(from Christy Dowling)
Hi there. I work for VH1 and just wanted to make sure you know about our upcoming KISS: Beyond the Makeup, this Sunday, July 1 at 9 pm (et/pt). We’d love it if you could share the news with fellow fans. Let us know if you have any questions. Thanks, and enjoy the show!

Cristy Dowling- VH1 Marketing

June 23, 2001

(from National Post Online via Kevin Warhaft)
Dale Torborg washed off his makeup when the Expos called, but The Demon lives within.

Chris Jones

National Post

Dale (The Demon) Torborg, a professional wrestler who found himself between jobs when the WCW folded, has been hired as an assistant by his father, Montreal Expos manager Jeff Torborg. Last weekend, Dale -- who stands 6-foot-7 and weighs 275 pounds -- spoke with National Post reporter Chris Jones about his baseball and wrestling incarnations.

NP: Don't take this the wrong way, but you stand out in a baseball clubhouse. How long ago were you a wrestler?

DT: I'm still with the WCW. I'm going to have to see what's going to happen over the next couple of weeks. There are some other organizations looking to start up, and the WCW should come back soon, but being run by the WWF. Anyway, I'm still an active wrestler.

NP: But you also played baseball growing up.

DT: Yeah, I played all the way from the time I was little, all the way through high school and college, and I had a few years in pro ball, in the Mets and Yankees organizations [Florida State League].

NP: I guess it's safe to assume that you weren't a shortstop.

DT: No, I was a first baseman.

NP: Was power your thing?

DT: Yeah, but at times it was feast or famine. One of the problems that I had, I was hit in the face with a pitch, and that left me with depth perception problems in my left eye, my dominant eye as a hitter. I started struggling, and I knew it was time to move on. I started wrestling in July, 1996, and signed with the WCW in 1997.

NP: Was wrestling something you did in high school, like amateur wrestling?

DT: No, I was never a wrestler. I was a baseball player and I played soccer, but I wasn't on the wrestling team.

NP: In that case, it seems like kind of a strange career change. How hard was it to learn the ropes, so to speak?

DT: Extremely hard. Wrestling is the hardest thing I've ever done. Hitting a baseball might be the hardest thing in terms of skill, but in terms of the total package, wrestling is the hardest thing I've ever done.

NP: It is sort of a relentless lifestyle, isn't it?

DT: That's something that a lot of wrestlers don't get enough credit for. They take so much punishment. People say it's fake, but if you've ever stepped on a wrestling mat, you know how hard it is. It hurts every single time you land. People have been so programmed to think that everything is fake, they don't believe it can hurt. But those chairs aren't fake. When you get hit by those, it hurts.

NP: Baseball must seem fairly serene in comparison. Is it strange to be back in this environment?

DT: It's great to be back in this environment, but it's different. Sometimes you forget that the circus around wrestling isn't normal. You get used to seeing huge people all the time, and you forget that they're not really normal.

NP: In terms of your job here ...

DT: I do whatever needs to be done. If they need someone to hit ground balls, I'll hit ground balls. If they need someone to throw batting practice, I'll do that. I also assist in the weight room ... I'm the enforcer. I make sure they do their work and they do it right. I'll do anything to help the team win.

NP: Jumping back to wrestling, I understand you were called The Demon.

DT: Correct. From the band KISS.

NP: You mean Gene Simmons?

DT: Correct.

NP: Were you a KISS fan growing up?

DT: I was a huge KISS fan. Actually, I just saw Gene in New York City. We talked about things, where we see the character heading. He owns it, you know. The Demon is licensed to him. It's something he created.

NP: Excuse my ignorance, but did you wear the makeup?

DT: Yeah, I wore the full face paint. I wore a similar costume, too, that Gene helped design.

NP: Were you a villain?

DT: At times.

NP: And when you return to wrestling, you'd like to remain The Demon?

DT: I'd love to. I love doing what I do, especially being a KISS fan. I had three idols growing up: one was my dad, one was Don Mattingly and one was Gene Simmons. Here, obviously, I'm working with my dad. And I knew Mattingly from the time I was a kid. Now I work with Gene Simmons. You can't get any better than that. I have the best of all worlds.

June 20, 2001

(from Patrick DeMontigny)

Sunday, September 9th, will be the 3rd annual Montreal KISS expo. This year, the expo will take place at the Delta Hotel at 475 President Kennedy avenue in downtown Montreal. You can book rooms by calling 1(800)268-1133. This year's special guests are former guitarist Bruce Kulick and the Demon Wrestler. Toronto's own KISS tribute band, Dressed to Kill will be performing with the best pyro show ever! Hourly door prizes, free gift to the first 100 fans. KISS museum display with some of the rarest ever KISS collectibles! Bigger and better than last year. This is the KISS event you don't want to miss! Tickets are 13.50$ in advance, 15.00$ at the door. Children under 12 with ID with adult FREE entrance! The best investment for your KISS dollar. For more info, call the Montreal KISS expo hotline at (450)349-5140 or check out our website at !

June 19, 2001


There has been a great response to our new Tourdates page. Anyhow,
the list is not complete, especially from the shows in the '70's there are dates missing. Have you been to any Kiss shows? Please check if it is listed there, and if not, please help making this list complete by sending your info to . Thank you!

June 17, 2001


Finally the day has come! The page with all details about all the concerts Kiss have ever played is now online! Kiss played 1.682 shows in 31 countries during 22 tours in their career from 1973 until  2001.

On these pages you will find a detailed list exactly when they played where how many times in which country. Live-photos of each tour and photos of concert-posters make these pages viusally interesting as well. A special thanks goes to Andreas Balzer for compiling the most accurate list of tourdates known to exist in an extensive research. It also includes the concert Kiss played in Iceland (and the concert-poster from that show). How many shows did they play in which country on which tour? The detailed statistic gives you all the answers. You will also find a list of all TV live appearances of the band. The first page takes some time to load but it is worth the wait... 

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June 16, 2001

Michael Büchel has joined our Fan Pages. Click here to see his contribution.

June 16, 2001


(from )

The Hottest Band in the World and VH1 have come together to create the most complete and thorough account of KISS' history ever. This original documentary will be packed with never before seen footage, photos and brand new interviews with people close to the band.

VH1's "KISS: Beyond the Makeup" will take fans from the band's early days in their New York loft, through three decades in the spotlight to the present day. In addition to interviews with band members past and present, the anthology contains new and rare interviews with producers Bob Ezrin and Eddie Kramer, former managers Bill Aucoin and Joyce Bogart, and early supporter Dick Clark. The documentary also gives viewers a real insight into the band members through interviews with their families.

The two-hour documentary has been assembled from thousands of hours of footage from Kiss' vast private archive, and will provide fans with the most comprehensive look at the band ever assembled on film.

VH1's KISS: Beyond the Makeup", will premiere on VH1 on Sunday, July 1st, at 9:00 pm.

Producer: Paul La Blanc
Executive in Charge of Production: Todd Schwartz
Executive Producer: Lauren Zalaznick

June 16, 2001


Frederic Buscemi has joined our Fan Pages. Click here to see his contribution.

June 16, 2001


Sonja has got a new KISS tattoo and sent us a photo. You can see it on the Tattoo Page.

June 16, 2001


A lot of new pages are in the works at the moment and will go online soon. One of the pages being worked on at the moment is a page with all details about Paul Stanley's Firehouse helmets. We are in need of photos of Paul Stanley wearing the yellow or the black Firehouse helmet with the Kiss-Logo and his signature on it (probably worn during the Lick it up Tour). If you have any photos we would appreciate you help if you could mail the photos to Thank you!

June 16, 2001


(from Tor Ivar Braut)
just wanted you to know, because there are not too many cinemas that is showing the film "Kiss meets the phantom of the park"!
Cinemateket in Oslo is showing it on Wed.1st and Fri.3rd of August.
The reason why this film put up on cinema is because of the well known Norwegian writer named Lars Ramslie, who amongst others was asked to pick a film that they wanted to show on the cinema, and Ramslie who wrote a book about his childhood and beeing a young KISS fan, picked Kiss meets the phantom. The book by the way was chosen as the best book of the year 2000 by the readers of the biggest newspaper in Norway.

June 14, 2001


(from Michael Naimoli)
This article was printed in the New York Daily News, on Wednesday, June 13th. Page 52 in the Business News section. (Biz News) KISS INC. Call him Gene Simmons, mogul. The blood-spitting, fire-breathing bass player of  the legendary rock band KISS is adding another product to his ever-growing  merchandising universe: the KISS Kasket, which is decorated with a big photo  of the band, the KISS logo and the words "KISS Forever." "If you want to take  that final trip with KISS, you can," said Simmons, who was trying to drum up interest in the casket at the Licensing Trade Show at the Javits Center  yesterday. The waterproof vessel- which Simmons said can also be used as a beer cooler-costs about $5,000, and can be ordered through or   select funeral homes, Simmons said. "I'm deadly serious," he insisted.
Simmons is serious about building his empire, which since 1995 has sold $45 million worth of products the past six years, such as KISS T-shirts, medallions, thong panties, comic books and action figures, according to Dell Furano, CEO of Signature Network, KISS' licensing agent. Up next for Simmons, who turns 52 in August: a KISS CD box set due in stores in November and the rock 'n' roll icon's autobiography, "KISS and make-up," from publisher Crown,
which will debut in January.

**Note: a picture of Gene in reunion make-up, live o stage, was attached to this article, and the caption read: KISS member Gene Simmons is adding casket to growing list of products tied to band.

June 12, 2001

topanimation33vxygif.gif (162 Byte) FAN PAGE
Giovanni de Vita from Switzerland has made a contribution to our Fan Page! He saw Kiss in 1976 and has been collecting for 25 years. Click here to check out his contribution with photos of him with Kiss and from his awsome collection.

June 12, 2001



From the "you're never too old to have you're father get you a job" file.
Montreal Expos manager Jeff Torborg said before the Expos game against the Atlanta Braves on Monday night, his son Dale would be helping the team with strength and conditioning.
Dale Torborg was a wrestler in WCW, who wrestled under the name - The Demon. The Demon character is based on the rock group Kiss' bassist Gene Simmons.
It is not yet know if Dale will permanently hang up the boots to stay with the Expos.
For More Information Visit

June 11, 2001

Stephanie and Jürgen Kuschel have joined our Fan Pages. Click here to see their contribution.

June 11, 2001


Stefan Böyng has joined our Fan Pages. Click here to see his contribution.

June 11, 2001


Frank has sent us a photo of his KISS-Tattoo, which you can see here .

June 9, 2001


(from Thomas Schopf)

Next week will be a KISS week on German TV!

Tuesday, June 12th at 11.45 pm on PRO7:
KISS in Millennium!
Featuring Kiss as actors and live on stage:
If you receive Premiere analog you can also see the movie Detroit Rock City on Tuesday, June 12th at 4.45 pm!
So get your VCR's ready!

June 9, 2001

There is not much happening with the band at the moment. Holiday Inn made a new commercial, which is Kiss oriented (as we know Gene sang once "I'm living in sin at the Holiday Inn..."). Click here to view the commercial.

Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed recently attended the movie premiere of "Sowrdfish". He will also be on the Howard Stern Radio Show on June 12th (Howard Stern and a Gene Simmons immitator made fun about him a couple of times recently).
Paul Stanley did a TV-commercial for Folgers coffee, which can be sen on TV soon.
Albert Kuttscherer has joined our Fan Pages. Click here to see his contribution.

June 5, 2001

Udo Naahs has joined our Fan Pages. Click here to see his contribution.

June 2, 2001

(from Alain Bellicha)
BitCash and Omega Project are broadcasting a pay-per-view concert of Kiss Live in Japan - Farewell show in Tokyo Dome from Friday June 1 to Sunday June 3.

The price is 500 yens (approx. $4) and you can see the show as many times as you can for 5 hours.

The total running time is 120 minutes. The show is complete, except Paul's raps.

And of course, it as beautiful pro-shot concert. It also includes personal messages from the band backstage, where Gene tells us to believe in ourselves, Eric thanks the fans, Ace makes some wise comments about Sushi and Paul give us hope...   My favorite part part is the intro, because I am featured for half a second in front of the Tokyo Dome during the introduction segment.

I hope this show is released on DVD or video so the whole Kissnation can share what a Rock And Roll party in Tokyo, Kiss offered to the Kiss Army Nippon, that March 13.

June 2, 2001

The Line-up pages are a new feature on KISS NEWS. Click here to check them out. Other pages in the making are the multimedia and Kiss Tours pages as well as the biographies, which will be directly linked with the Kiss make up and Kiss costumes pages.

June 1, 2001

We have 3 new Fan Page entries from:

Tanja Meissel, Laurent Perlberger and Patrick Sacchi.

June 1, 2001

(from Joe Marshall)

Sunday July 8th,2001 at the Double Tree Hotel at Detroits Metro Airport.
  Located at I-94 & the Merriman Rd exit.
Special Guests: Bill Aucoin and Wrestler "The Demon"

call For Specially Discounted Rooms (ask for the KISS EXPO RATES): Double Tree 734.467.8000
Call The Expo Hotline for Info 734.658.5477
OR Email: 
Tickets only $12.00
Call Ticket Master and charge by phone: 248.645.6666
Click here for more infos.