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July 31, 2001
FaxGene2001-07small.jpg (5590 Byte)PLANS RIGHT NOW"
(from )
A lot of talk about a possible European leg of the KISS Farewell Tour has been going round over the last couple of months. Some sources claim a European tour is planned for next year. The other day Gene Simmons answered a fax from KISS Kollector Fanclub in which he was asked about a possible European tour. Check out to find out what Gene has to say...

July 30, 2001

Hello.This is a great interview/article that appeared in the New York Daily News newspaper on Sunday, July 29th, 2001. It's in the Your
Neighborhood: Queens section on pages 2 & 3. By Maxine Simpson, Daily News writer.

KISS idol's puckering up to past: Rock wild man just image for city-raised Simmons.

Gene Simmons, the long-tongued lead singer of rock band KISS, didn't attend his 33rd Newtown High School class reunion last weekend.
He also didn't even venture to Corona, where he went to Public School 92 from 1959 to 1963.
He even bypassed his old Jackson Heights neighborhood, where he went to Joseph Pulitzer Junior High School 145 from 1963 to 1965.
And he didn't even walk past his old apartment building at 33-51 84th St.

"There's no action in Queens," Simmons said during a recent interview at the Righa Royal Hotel in Manhattan.

Girls and music. But that didn't stop the infamous 51-year old rock 'n' roll star from reminiscing about the good times he had while growing up.
And, yes, most of the memories involved girls and music.

One of the fondest memories? His first French kiss at a Joseph Pulitzer JHS dance.
"I remember she stuck her tongue in my mouth and I thought I was going to throw up," Simmons said.
And his first venture into musical theatre at Joseph Pulitzer.
"Oklahoma," exclaimed Simmons, who then broke into song. "Pore Jud Is Daid..."
And there was his first romance with a young woman who lived on 37th Ave in Jackson Heights.
"I happened to mention it in the schoolyard to one of the guys and told him, 'Shhh, don't tell anybody!' It quickly spread around the school," Simmons smiled.
Simmons didn't sing or play guitar in a rock band yet. Heck, he didn't even wear makeup, high heels, drool fake blood and wiggle his long red tongue.
But he started establishing a reputation as a ladies man. He is not
married, but has two children, Nicholas and Sophie, with former Playboy Playmate Shannon Tweed.
Back then in Queens, he wasn't known as Gene Simmons.
He was known as Gene Klein, born Chaim Witz Jr. in Haifa, Israel. His mother emigrated with him to Williamsburg, Brooklyn. She Americanized his name to Klein.
It wasn't long before they settled into a six-story family apartment
building in Jackson Heights.
At Pulitzer, Simmons worked on the school newspaper, and counted music class as his favorite.
"I remember really liking the music class of Mrs. Kassorla," Simmons said - for both the music and the girls.
"One day a young lady who sat in front of me in Mrs. Kassorla's music class asked me to stick out my tongue and show her friend the silly thing I did when I wiggled it, and I never thought that there was anything to it, " Simmons said.
He had the tongue, the vocal chords and was getting the girls - now all he had to do was form a band.
It didn't happen at Elmhurst's Newtown High School.
He quietly kept to himself.
"I was never in a social group because I never got high or drank. I was in the choir at Newtown," Simmons said.
So quiet, in fact, that most of Simmons' classmates, such as Sena
(Rosenberg) Pelletier and Phyllis (Mislov) Brink never knew that Gene Klein is Gene Simmons until they were told this week.
Simmons reached for his Newtown High School yearbook, examining his very conserative picture.
"It's not so bad," he said.
After high school, as a young pre-KISS musician, he remembers playing the Beehive Club on Northern Blvd. in Flushing.

Not drinking pays off.

And he discovered that never drinking worked to his advantage.
"When I would go to these parties, the guys would all get drunk and I
would wind up with their girlfriends. I figured that worked well. "You want a drink, Gene? 'No, I'm fine,' he recalls saying.
Simmons said he led an alcohol-and drug-free life because he never wanted to shame his mother.
"My mother was in a concentration camp. She had such a horrible life, I could never think of ever disappointing her with anything because all she did all her life was work," Simmons said.
As well as clean living and being good to your mother, Simmons hopes aspiring musicians attending PS 92, Pulitzer and Newtown will heed this advice:
"Learn the music business at the same time you are learning how to play the instruments. Because it's not called 'show business' by accident. The show is fun- the business is hard work," he said.

**This article  was attached with a few cool pictures. One was of Gene sporting his new/old "Elder" era hair-doo. He is sitting on a couch at the Righa Royal Hotel with Daily News writer, Maxine Simpson. He is signing her Newtown High School yearbook. There is also a close-up picture of Gene's yearbook photo. And, one cool live shot of Gene on the Psycho Circus/Farewell tour.

Hello, again. This is another cool article/interview from the same newspaper, in the same section, and on the same pages, written by the same Daily News writer.

KISS fan shouts praise & thanks
"To Billy-
Drinking is for bums-Not for you
YOU are special!!
YOU can do great things-
All the Best
Gene Simmons" 7/25/01

Just like the title of the KISS hit, "Shout It Out Loud," Billy wants
everyone to know that Gene Simmons' band has kept him sober for the past 5 1/2 years.
"KISS is good-time music- just three chords and a chorus," said the
34-year old professional mover and driver from Astoria.
"You forget all your problems with them. They don't want you to know what's going on in the world. Their message is: Come into our fantasy land. It's an escape."
And Billy's apartment in Astoria reflects that good-time fantasy land
spirit- it is a stunning, colorful shrine to the the musical power of KISS. Figurines, posters, videos, clothing, rare books- virtually anything a collector would want is found in this immaculately-kept apartment.
The sobering power of KISS took hold when Billy was attending Alcoholics Anonymous in the 1990s. During one life-changing session, it was suggested that Billy embrace something that brought back good memories.
And that something was when his mother took him to his first rock 'n'
roll concert when he was 9 years old.
The band was, of course, KISS, and Billy remembers being swept away by their visual and pulse-racing spectacular show.
"It was better than Christmas," Billy said.
After some rough teenage years and even rougher 20s, Billy bottomed out. He was homeless and took to the bottle.
But that all changed when KISS came back into his life.
He spent so much time and money on KISS he was staying out of trouble.
Now Billy is pure discipline again- serious about his work, his love for KISS, and in pursuing his ultimate dream: to open his own business in upstate New York where he enjoys camping.
"They can make you forget everything. All your problems. All your
bills," Billy said. "At their concerts they don't preach anything. We are here- we'll have a good time."
And does he have a personal message for Gene Simmons, the anti-booze and drug rocker whose image is among the KISS band members tattooed on his arm?
"Thank you- and my mother thanks you, too," Billy said.
"As crazy as she ever thought I was, she says that as long as I have
KISS in my house, she knows I'm all right."

**A picture of Billy was attached to this article. He is wearing a KISS
tee-shirt sitting in front of his collection, in his apartment in Astoria,
Queens, New York City.

July 29, 2001


On August 6, 2001 a special disco version of the Kiss cover "I'll fight hell to hold you" will be released from Rod Gonzalez. The video premiered a few days ago on MTV. Rod is a member of "Die Ärzte"  and toured with Kiss in 1996/97.

July 29, 2001

(from Jan Laursen)

There's very good news for all Scandinavian KISS fans, with a suscription to Canal Plus, Canal Plus Yellow or Canal Plus Blue:
In August the Pay-per-view channel shows "The Last KISS" - a concert special filmed in New Jersey in 2000 - no less than 15 times. The special runs for about 90 minutes and also takes you backstage at the show, plus takes you back to the '70's.
"The Last KISS" premiers on next Sunday, August 5,  8.30 pm on Canal Plus, and is shown again on August 7, 23, 24, 25 and 31.
Canal Plus Yellow shows "The Last KISS" August 9, 12, 18, 19, 21, 23 and 27, while Canal Plus Blue only shows the special on August 10 and 16. 
You can find more information on Canal Plus, and "The Last KISS" on!

PsychoCircus.JPG (20675 Byte)July 29, 2001

The song lyrics to "Psycho Circus" are now also online available. Now there are all 240 lyrics to all songs Kiss have ever officially recorded online.
Click here to read the lyrics to all 240 Kiss songs

July 28, 2001

It seems to be high season for Fan Page entries. Today there are again 5 new entries:

Olaf Schmitt (Germany)
Roman Meier (Switzerland)
Peter Schöfböck (Austria)
Gabriel Aguirre (Argentina)
Martin Javier Pita (Argentina)
The most entries are coming from Germany (50), followed by Holland (16), France (16) und Austria (15).
We still get many entries without photos. Please note, that only submissions with photos will be published.

July 28, 2001
The Fan Shop has been updated. Many new products are available including LP's, Sticker, Videos, Books, Songbooks, collector cards, Buttons, key chains, Postcards, Poster Scrolls, Comic, magazines with Kiss on the cover, Plastic bags, Record Divider, T-Shirts, Poster and  Drumskins.
Click here to enter the Fan Shop

July 28, 2001

(from Yvonne Heiden)

Yesterday I watched MTV Europe Germany brand:neu and there was a video shown from Rod from "Die Ärzte", who recorded a disco-version from "I'll fight hell to hold you".
The show will be repeated on Sunday 2-3 pm and Tuesday 11 pm.

July 26, 2001

There are 4 new Fan Page entries today:

Alex Jensen (Denmark)
Mike Stone (Germany)
Wolfgang Tristram (Germany)
Etienne Perrin (France)

July 24, 2001

There are 3 new Fan Page entries today:

Kristian Vogelaar (Holland)
Petra Theissl (Germany)
Holger Buß (Germany)

July 23, 2001


Ralf Honings has joined our Fan Pages. Click here to see his contribution.

July 19, 2001

Accoring to the latest information, the European Tour will definately be happening, but not before early 2002. Let's hope they will sort out everything in time before they are testing out the Kiss caskets...

July 18, 2001

The new full length CD "Audiodog" from Bruce Kulick will soon be available in the KISS FAN SHOP. Bruce will sign each CD and personalize it to anybody who wants it. More infos soon...

July 18, 2001

(from Alex Fedotov)
The new Russia issue magazine "Classic Rock" #2 2001 (Robert Plant cover) includes 2 pages great interview with Gene Simmons.

Also in Russia release new video "At Any Cost". This movie starring Gene Simmons is Dennis Berg. This film licensed from Paramount Pictures (2000).

July 17, 2001

(from Alex Fedotov)
The new Russia magazine "HARD NEWS" includes 4 pages poster Kiss 1992 Line-Up. This mags - 10 poster special magazine (incl Manowar, King Diamond, WASP, Nirvana and other) Steven Tyler on cover.

July 16, 2001

Marcel Zuyderwijk from Holland has made a contribution to our Tattoo Page. Click here to see it.

July 12, 2001



On August 24, 2001 Black Star Entertainment Group is going to stage the first ever
Puerto Rico KISS Expo.  We are honor to have Bruce Kulick as our special guest
and the KISS tribute band, Mr. Speed.  This Expo will also feature KISS dealers
selling official KISS merchandise and collectibles.

The Expo is going to be held at Hard Rock Café, Old San Juan.  This venue is
located 10 minutes from El Condado and around 15 minutes from Isla Verde
where most of the hotels and guesthouses are located as well as our
International airport.

Advance tickets are currently being sold at Music Zone, Plaza Las Américas
and Pentagrama Music Stores all through out the island.  Advance tickets are

We strongly suggest to buy your tickets in advance in order to secure your
entrance to the Expo. If you choose to buy your tickets at the door of theHard
Rock Café the day of the event you run the risk of an already sold out venue,
and you won't be able to enter. NO EXCEPTIONS ARE GOING TO BE MADE.
Secure your entrance, buy smart, buy in advance. Door tickets are $25.
To our international friends that will like to travel to Puerto Rico to attend the
Expo and would like to buy their tickets in advance please e-mail us at

For more information visit our web site

July 11, 2001


Manfred has made a contribution to our Tattoo Page. Click here to see it.

July 11, 2001


The new French issue if the Swiss magazine  "Transit" includes 2 pages on Kiss. 

July 11, 2001

Thierry Agar has joined our Fan Pages. Click here to see his contribution.

July 9, 2001

Poul Nielsen from Denmark has joined our Fan Pages. Click here to see his contribution.

July 9, 2001


Tommy Harris has made a contribution to our Tattoo Page. Click here to see it.

July 8, 2001

The Bernard Edwards Project has joined our Tribute Band Page. See their contribution here.

July 7, 2001

The "Masked Kids" have joined our Tribute Band Page. See their contribution here.

July 7, 2001
(from )
Heres a little information about what we have called "The KISS Farwell Partytour of Norway". The Norwegian KISS Army which is known as one of the most active KISS fanclubs in the world have visited four of the larges cities in Norway so far on a tour that will take our show to a totale of 12 cities or more. So far have every venue been sold out with venues taking between 300-400 people each night. The parties has gotten a huge media attention in Norway. A lots of fans have worn make-up for these events and participated in a make-up contest which is one of the many happenings at these parties. Wild and crazy crowds have enjoyed KISS karaoke, KISS sound messages from some of the KISS members, KISS widescreen videos, KISS merchandise sale, KISS coverbands and more... We are now proud to have Bruce Kulick as a special guest at two of these parties doing a different cind of Q and A session, a signing session,  host the make-up contest, and join in on some musical performens with the coverband or allike. There are many KISS-fans in Norway that were very focused on KISS during the time that Bruce were in KISS and that have also gained interess in Bruce's projects after KISS....Union, solo stuff etc. So Bruce are very welcome at the venus in the city MOSS on 28th and in Bergen on the 29th of September. Both places have a cappacity of 400 people! And again we are proud to have Bruce visiting other cities than our capital Oslo were Bruce have visited earlier! Imagine.... having a KISS-star joining the party of your life in your home town!!!

July 7, 2001

Don't forget, Kiss can be seen in an episode of "Mad TV" on RTL tonight (probably 1.000 am)!

July 7, 2001


Olivier Geisen from Switzerland  has joined our Fan Pages. Click here to see his contribution.

July 1, 2001

Paul in Ace's costume without make-up in Australia 1980The Photo Gallery has been updated with many great new interesting photos. Many thanks to all the Kiss fans who e-mailed us photos for inclusion in this gallery! You can now also find photos from before 1973 online as well as a separate category for "obscure Photos". Under this link you can find photos such as Gene and Paul as a Teenager, photos from the '70's without make-up or a picture of Paul Stanley unmasked wearing Ace Frehley's costume in 1980. There are more than 5.200 photos now online in the photo gallery in chronological order! The link has also changed. The new address is:

July 1, 2001

(from via Thomas Schopf)

Kiss can be seen in an episode of MAD TV on RTL in Germany next weekend in the night from Saturday to Sunday. There is different information on the exact time. On their homepage is written:

01:00 MAD TV
number 5
Sketch: Kiss opening the show as guest stars, Kenny Rogers sings with Cher, Marilyn Manson, Nat King Cole and many more.
(Parody to Tribute CDs), a murder on the set on Mad TV, Scary Spice meets Freddy Krüger, Kiss fighting Michael Jackson and more Kiss sketches

On the teletext of RTL (page 394) it says: Saturday, 7.7.2001, at 0:30 a.m.

MadTVGenespittingblood.jpg (4286 Byte)

MadTVbed.jpg (5561 Byte)

MadTVlive.jpg (5199 Byte)

July 1, 2001

(from Sieglinde Brockhaus)

n the new issue of the British magazine "Kingsize" June 2001 the "100 most insane stars ever" are introduced. Ace Frehley makes it to #12 for the fact, that he says he comes from planet Jendell.