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February 28, 2003
(from CNN)
Witnesses Point Finger at Robert Blake; KISS Speaks Out on Tragic Rhode Island Club Fire; Iraqi Troops on Move to Prepare For U.S Attack
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February 28, 2003
(from The Herald Sun)
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ON paper, the Kiss Symphony looked potentially disastrous.

How would Kiss's bombastic party rock work with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra as their very large backing band?

Would the 60-piece orchestra get lost in the mix or would Kiss mellow and turn out slightly feral chamber music?

The answer: neither.

The Kiss Symphony was simply Kiss turned up to 11: classics with class.

While Kiss havealways strived forbigger and better with their stage show, it's hard to imagine them topping the sheer jaw-dropping, ear-bleeding, eye-burning spectacle of last night's Kiss Symphony.

It started simply enough: the four members banging out back-to-basics Kiss classics: Deuce, Strutter and Calling Dr Love among them.

An acoustic set followed with a handful of orchestra members helping to breathe life into 20-year-old favourites including Shandi and Sure Know Something.

Drummer Peter Criss even got to perform his signature ballad Beth with strings attached.

Then came the thunder: Kiss with the full orchestra (all wearing Kiss make-up) between them and two speaker stacks taller than the average house. Musical arranger David Campbell was the real hero of the day, orchestrating Kiss hits with the mandatory aggression, testosterone and drama – making the MSO rock, quite literally.

The symphonic punch sent Kiss standards Detroit Rock City, Shout it Out Loud, I Was Made for Lovin' You, God of Thunder, Love Gun, Black Diamond and Rock and Roll all Nite into a new league; one that somehow suited them at this point in their 30-year career.

"This is our kind of classical music," singer Paul Stanley remarked at rehearsals the night before. At one point the band were so engrossed in the MSO they seemed reluctant to join in.

Naturally, being Kiss, there were enough pyrotechnics for a million New Year's Eves, and for rabid fans reliving their youth.

Guitarist Tommy Thayer may not have been Ace Frehley, but the general consensus was he's a much better player, while his bandmates wrote the book on rock god poses.

And how can you argue with any concert where the frontman flies?

February 28, 2003
(from The Age)

Picture: JOE ARMAO
Kiss' Gene Simmons with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra rock the Telstra Dome.

The entire Melbourne Symphony Orchestra donned black and white face paint last night as they made rock history by performing with seventies group Kiss.

In a one-off Australian show, the group known as much for their blood-spitting, flame-blowing antics as their musical anthems played alongside the 60-piece orchestra at the Telstra Dome in Melbourne.

It was the first time Kiss had performed with an orchestra, but the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra had previously joined with such acts as Elton John, Frank Sinatra and the Three Tenors.

The show began with a traditional rock performance by Kiss - with Tommy Thayer replacing Ace Frehley on guitar - before 10 musicians joined them for an acoustic set.

The concert, filmed for a pay-TV special ended with the 60-piece orchestra joining the group on stage in full Kiss make-up.

February 28, 2003

(from The Age)
By John Mangan
There's a new compliment going round world musical circles: "You guys symphony!" It was coined this week right here in Melbourne, according to David Campbell, the American conductor and orchestrator who will be leading the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra through a greasepaint-fuelled performance tonight with the veteran American rockers Kiss, at the Telstra Dome.

"At the end of rehearsals yesterday I said to the orchestra, 'You guys rock', and (Kiss guitarist) Gene Simmons said with his typical wry humour, 'Well, that would mean that we symphony'."

It's not just the language of music that's being rewritten this week, as 62 members of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra join Kiss for the Kiss Symphony concert extravaganza that will be recorded for future CD and DVD release.

Never before have so many classically trained musicians spent so much time in so much black-and-white make-up, poring over Campbell's carefully crafted scores for such hits as I Was Made for Loving You and Detroit Rock City.

Campbell, too, will be in full make-up, but it's all in a day's work for the composer-arranger-conductor whose CV boasts work on over 200 gold and platinum albums and 80 hit singles that have garnered an amazing 98 Grammy nominations, 26 Grammy awards and three Oscars along the way.

In the 1970s, Campbell played viola in the American Symphony orchestra, before contributing strings on recordings by Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, Bruce Springsteen and Carole King. These days he's as likely to be working with Beck, Hole or Alanis Morissette.

As for Kiss, Campbell says the band's music lends itself to the orchestral treatment. "It makes total sense because their songs are really solid material, they hold up melodically and rhythmically. Just like a classical piece, there's really meaty stuff to work with. The melodies are strong, the rhythmic hooks are really definite, and that works well with an orchestra, especially an orchestra being bold."

Campbell says the MSO is rising to the occasion. They had no trouble finding 60 volunteers to don the facepaint. "Paul Stanley (Kiss lead singer) told me that at yesterday's rehearsal one of the orchestra members came up and said 'I thought this would be horrendous, but it's really great!'."

Kiss Symphony, with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, is at the Telstra Dome tonight.

February 27, 2003
(from Heather Mills)
The band did a rehearsal for the Melbourne gig infull make up, costumes  & stage show.

In a venue that will be packed in under 24 hrs, the band played to about 1000 people & I sure all involved/ witnessing realized it was a special moment to see & be a part of.

Don't sue me if I'm wrong ok, but they went through the full show  for Friday night:

Band & orchestra (about 10 persons):
Goin' Blind
Sure know Something
Here Comes the Sun (intro)

Band & orchestra  (about 60 people in Kiss make-up)
{riff} intro/(God of Thunder)
Detroit Rock City
King of the Night Time World
Do You Love Me
Shout It Out Loud
Great Expectations
God of Thunder
Love Gun
Black Diamond
I was made for loving you
Rock n' roll all Nite

Band only:
Strutter 2003
Let me go Rock n' Roll
Lick It Up
Calling Dr. Love
Psycho Circus

Please don't take this as fact but this is what we heard, witnessed were blessed to see knowing fans have traveled from all over the world to see Kiss in Melbourne Australia in under 24 hrs. The Rolling Stones are also in town, playing while Kiss rehearsed &  play their 3rd show on Saturday night.

How blessed we are in Melbourne Australia to have 2  of the greatest Rock & Roll bands in town playing to stadiums a stones throw from the other!!

What a life Kiss on Friday, the Rolling Stones on Saturday, the Grand Prix next weekend, I do love this home town of mine.

[P.S.: are you going to the show? Send your reviews to and let people  know what happened]

February 27, 2003

The new Mark St. John CD "Magic Bullet Theory" has arrived in the Fan Shop and will be sent out to everybody who has ordered it any day now. It has been delayed due to some problems with the printing factory. Some CD's contain an extra hidden Bonus Track. ALL the ones who have ordered the CD at the Fan Shop will get a CD WITH the Bonus track.

February 25, 2003
(from )
Rove2003-02-25screenshotTommyGene.jpg (15652 Byte)KISS have appreared on Australian comedy/variety show ROVE LIVE to perform 'Sure Know Something' with Melbourne's Symphony Orchestra. The boys were given a fantastic reception from the studio audiance, some even donning KISS 'war paint' for the occasion with even more fans outside trying to get in to get a seat. Tommy was introduced to much applause and warmly welcomed by all in the crowd. Rove2003-02-25screenshotTommy.jpg (7257 Byte)Tommy let fans know how happy he is to be here and also told us that 'Great Expectations' is in the set list, as well as Shandi, Sure Know' and Strutter. There is others but we'll just have to wait for Friday.....Bring it on!!!. All in all it was a great apprearance with all the boys speaking and looking AWESOME in their new 'Alive' era inspired costumes. Tickets are still available by phoning Ticketmaster7 on 136100.

February 24, 2003
(from )
The enormous task of erecting the staging for KISS SYMPHONY at Telstra Dome on Friday night is now underway.

20 tractor trailer trucks have carried the 200 tons of staging and 350 tons of production equipment. There are one million watts of lights, 100,000 watts of sounds, 480 pyro effects and enough power for a small city - the Melbourne skyline is about to light up!

KISS are now in rehearsals with the 60-piece Melbourne Symphony, who will all be wearing KISS makeup on the night.   A sneak preview of the concert can be seen tonight on Network Ten's Rove, when KISS perform one of the songs from the "acoustic" set with ten members of the MSO. 

Hot off the press is news that 30 members of the Australian Boys Choir will also join KISS SYMPHONY for one special song. 

Whilst all the KISS greatest hits like "I Was Made For Lovin' You", "Rock and Roll All Nite", "Shout It Out Loud", "Detroit Rock City" and "Love Gun" will be performed, KISS Army fans are in for a real treat, with several songs on the set list that have not been played in years. 

And last bit of good goss, you didn't hear it from us, but the Rolling Stones are in Melbourne with Friday night off..........

- tickets on sale now from Ticketmaster7 136100.

February 23, 2003
(from Alexx)
To celebrate the release of the KISS Tribute "Undressed", there will be 4 KISS Tribute Release Parties in Holland and Germany. There will be a Tribute Band, the Glam Band SHAMELESS and KISS Dealers from Germany and America. The new KISS Tribute "Undressed" will be available on all the KISS Parties. Also the brandnew Bruce Kulick CD "Transformer" will be available at the shows. For more informations please visit or

Zaandam/ Holland 13.04. Starclub – KISS Tribute Release Party SHAMELESS & 7T-Rox (70´s Tribute Band)
Ozzmosis (Ozzy Osbourne Tribute Band)
KISS This (KISS Tribute Band)
EINLASS 17 UHR (Doors 5pm)
Zuiddijk 9-11, 1500 AA Zaandam
Torino/Italy 20.04.-Glam Attack Festival
EINLASS 18 UHR (Doors 6pm)
Piazza Guala 147 - TORINO - Italy

February 20, 2003
The "Rock'nRoll Fantasy Camp" will take place from June 18-22, 2003. Ace Frehley will be attending as well. For more details go to .

February 20, 2003
(from Andrzey Adamcewicz)
KISS have Officially arrived in Australia, and are READY to ROCK 'N' ROLL!!! KISS flew in this morning at 9.35AM on Qantas flight - QF 94 from LA directly into Melbourne. KISS will now be locked up indoors having intense rehearsals with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra itself until they resurface with their guitars and drums well in tune with the many diverse instruments that the orchestra will have on offer complete with conductor and in make-up. The only release for the band from rehearsals will be the ROVE LIVE appearance of "Sure Know Something" now,  which will give them a very good gauge at where they are at, while also showing any fans tuned into the show what they will be missing out on if they do NOT have a ticket yet!!! With the Aceless lineup now complemented with Tommy Thayer this will be great little preview and taste for what we will encounter come the 28th for the World Wide Pay Per View Recorded show at the Telstra Dome Melbourne, Australia...  

February 19, 2003
(from Frank Kuth)
Ace Frehley was present at the Mercedes Benz Fashion week on February 12th. You can see some pictures at (search for "Ace Frehley").

February 18, 2003
(from Andrzey Adamcewicz)
This Saturday, February 22 on Today's Austereo. KISS legends Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley !!!
I am guessing Rove will be having a live chat with the pair prior to their arrival in Australia. 

February 18, 2003

(from )
KISS will be performing live on Rove on Tuesday 25. They will be performing one of the songs from the "acoustic" set which only features 10 orchestra members as opposed to the full 60 members who will play the full set later. Rove will also do an interview. The word from Channel 10 is that every seat is gone in the studio audience so no use hassling there. 

February 7, 2003
SeatingPlanTelstraDome2003-02-28klein.jpg (5511 Byte)(from Andrzej Adamcewicz)
New Bronze seating section opened on Level 3 for only $65!
WHERE - Telstra Dome, Melbourne VIC Australia
WHEN -  Friday, February 28th 
HOW    - Diamond - $405 / Platinum - $240 / Gold - $146 / Silver - $97 / Bronze - $65

February 6, 2003
(from Silvertone Guitar)
Silvertone & Paul Stanley Fans,

Come check out the photos taken of Paul Stanley at the NAMM show during the signing event.

The NAMM show was a great success! We had a huge turn out of Paul Stanley fans. People were waiting in line several hours in advance to meet Paul and to get his autograph. Once Paul entered the building it was total chaos with all eyes on him. We even made a few of the other guitar companies a little mad due to the massive crowds that were blocking their booths. Our apologies!  It’s just that everyone wanted a glimpse of the man himself. Don't be mad guys, after all it is Paul Stanley!


Plus, everyone was excited to see the new Silvertone Paul Stanley Collection of guitars that Paul will be playing on tour. Paul pronounced,  “We need more kids playing music and very few can afford signature guitars priced over $1000. My Silvertone Apocalypse and Sovereign guitars are great playing, great sounding and great looking. They are today’s style. Owning a great guitar does not have to break the bank. Silvertone offers the quality any guitar player would be proud to own. I guarantee it," 


Wow!! Who can argue with that!


Silvertone Web Site:


The site has been revamped to include new and updated pictures of the new Paul Stanley Silvertone Collection. We have received thousands of visitors to the site already. There are additional web site partnerships in the works to try and answer all of the Paul Stanley & Silvertone fans. More Details to Come.


To all of the people that have e-mailed questions and haven't received a response yet, don't worry, we haven't forgotten about you. The response has just been overwhelming. We will respond to all of your questions and thanks for being patient.


Stay tuned! More Paul Stanley of KISS and Silvertone stuff on the way!


Silvertone Guitar

February 6, 2003
Hey "CatFans"!!! I'm out in L.A. and it's Feb.1 and I started rehearsals with Gene and Paul today, although I have been rehearsing with Tommy Thayer for the last week and a half. This was the 1st time I played with Gene and Paul with-out Ace and I will truly miss him. Rehearsals are going great and it's great to be playing with the boys again. We will be out here until Feb.17 then it's off to do the shows. I will keep you all updated about "Future" shows, after the Las Vegas Show. I love you all!!!

God Bless,
The "Catman"

P.S.: check out Peter's official website for more catman news.

February 6, 2003
(from Andrzej Adamcewicz)
Here is an official media release just in from tour publicity. It speaks for itself


It's all systems go for KISS SYMPHONY on February 28 at Telstra Dome, with Diamond and Platinum tickets now sold out, and final preparations now being made.

KISS announced today that in Ace Frehley's absence, Tommy Thayer, the guitarist playing with the band on the upcoming Japanese tour, will also perform at KISS SYMPHONY.

Thayer is well known to US fans, having donned the Spaceman personna three times last year, filling in for Ace at a KISS concert in Jamaica and for American television performances on the "KISS That's 70's Show" in March and Dick Clark's "American Bandstand 50th Anniversary Show" in April.

As a member of the hard rock band Black'n'Blue signed to Geffen Records, Thayer recorded four albums which sold more than a million copies worldwide. He has been a 15-year member of the KISS family, contributing to many of the band's projects including writing, producing and directing the   "KISS The Second Coming" video/DVD.

"With Ace concentrating on his solo career," comments KISS lead singer Paul Stanley, "no one could be a better choice to join us - for both the fans and for KISS - than Tommy Thayer.  Over the past ten years, he has played with us individually and as a band and we're excited to have him join us in Australia.  Our instruments of mass destruction are ready.......Tommy has already played shows with us in full makeup, and now with the Melbourne Symphony, we write the next chapter in Kisstory."

And in fitting with this one off extravaganza with the Melbourne Symphony, KISS have decided to dress for the occasion! Their current costumes will be resting for the night, with new clothes from the "Alive" era being adopted.

Conductor David Campbell, whose task it is to marry KISS music with that of the Melbourne Symphony, has been working with the band members on the final orchestrations of material - and we promise there will be some surprises in the set list!

Campbell has collaborated with KISS previously on the "Nothing Can Keep Me From You" track on the Detroit Rock City Soundtrack and recently has worked with Train on their hit "Drops Of Jupiter", with the Goo Goo Dolls on "Iris" and with Beck.

And it's huge news for hot new Melbourne band The Andriods who have scored the special guest support act on the night. The band, whose debut single "Do It With Madonna" has been a Platinum six-week Top Ten hit, are fronted by former Superjesus guitarist Tim Henman. The four-piece have just scored the #1 Most Added Song at radio with their new single "Here She Comes" and will play to the biggest crowd of its career at Telstra Dome.  

KISS SYMPHONY will be a show in three parts.  It will kick off in explosive rock'n'roll fashion with a full-on classic KISS concert. After a short break, 10 members of the Melbourne Symphony will join KISS on stage for an "acoustic" set. Then finally the entire 60-piece Melbourne Symphony will take to the stage to create  KISS SYMPHONY  - the orchestra of course in full KISS  makeup! What an amazing sight that will be!

KISS SYMPHONY will be filmed and recorded for a global pay-per-view television audience, with acclaimed US director Jonathon Beswick at the helm. Beswick directed the last KISS pay-per-view concert and is currently on the road filming a documentary with the Who.

With Diamond and Platinum  SOLD OUT , Gold at $146, Silver at $97 and Bronze at $65 are still available
from TICKETMASTER7 136 100 and

KISS SYMPHONY promises to be one of the most spectacular and memorable concert events Australia has ever seen. If you miss this one, you're nuts.

February 6, 2003
(from Ladyspace)
After the huge success of the KISS 30 YEARS PARTY, Brazil will continue commemorating.

The next events will take place in march, days 9 and 16 and will be the 1ST BRAZILIAN KISS TRIBUTE FESTIVAL.

3 bands a day, KISS played nonstop, all the time. The place is the same where we had the party, HOLE CLUB, R. Augusta 2203 - São Paulo 'Rock City'!

The event should begin at 4:00 pm and the bands will play through 10 pm. The bands invited to the event are
EXXOTICA - brazilian independent band, which is influenced by KISS and plays many of their hits
LAST KISS - the newest KISS tribute, which made the first appearance in the KISS 30 YEARS PARTY is back now, attending to the fans' requests, with a bigger setlist and many surprises
KIZZ - portraying the VINNIE VINCENT/ERIC CARR lineup, a heavy and strong tribute band!
UNMASKED - the only band to play UNMASKED, this one is well known by all fans worldwide, having put their songs in some tribute Cds internationally sold!

The Festival should be awesome, with merchandise to sell and KISS all around.

On a side note, we'd like to thank all fans who attended to the party, announcing that the results were awesome and reviews and pictures can be seen, respectively, in - Reviews - Pictures!

February 2, 2003
(from Alexx)UndressedTomorrow.jpg (3461 Byte)
You can find
2 brandnew mp3´s of the KISS Tribute  Undressed at . The picture shows the talented and attractive singer Courtney of the Band "Pretty Suicide" which recorded "Tomorrow".

February 1, 2003
(from Tristan Glassey)
I think you might be interested to know that according to a message sent to me right now by the marketing office of ShowBiz International about the KISS Symphony show in Melbourne : "The concert is just about sold out! There will be a lot of people there!"...

January 27, 2003
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