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 August 27, 2002
(from Universal Germany)

Here are the winners of our competition:

the winners of the new CD "The very best of Kiss" are:
Markus Reke (Germany)
Volker Elendt (Germany)
Christian hering (Germany)
Rike Halbeck (Germany)
Frank Ariza y Ramos (Germany)

the winners of the Kiss posters are:
Fritz Geller (Germany)
Guido Gorgas (Germany)
Moritz Farkas (Switzerland)
Francesco Messina (Germany)
Norbert Tikal (Austria)
Annette Fleckhazs (Germany)
Arie van Rotterdam (Holland)
Jens Reimnitz (Germany)
Eric Ressel (Germany)
Rainer Hollunder (Germany)

August 25, 2002

KISS ALIVE FOREVERKissAliveForever.gif (3544 Byte)
With an incredible eye for detail, and a compelling story arc, KISS Alive Forever is an absorbing cover-to-cover read: a 288-page, over-sized trade paperback that will appeal to every level of KISS fan and the general public alike.

The authors conducted over 470 hours of exclusive interviews with more than 100 former KISS employees, opening acts, friends, and even band members themselves. These were the people who were there to witness KISS's history firsthand and their insight and anecdotes bring the text to life.  These are not the same old rehashed stories fans have heard a thousand times, in fact the book even comes with a disclaimer that the story contained within may seem unfamiliar to you if you are only familiar with the KISS's own version of their history. [ read the rest]

August 25, 2002

Gene Simmons is doing promotion for his upcoming Speaking Tour in Australia in October. Tickets to hear him talk are actually more expensive then see him playing...

The new Best of CD is being released tomorrow in Europe and the day after in the US.
In November the Ramones Tribute-Album will be released, which will include a new song from Kiss; "Do you Remember Rock and Roll Radio".
Ace Frehley is still working on his Solo-Album, Eric Singer is on Tour again with Alice Cooper from the end of August until December, including Dates in the US and Europe (see for Tourdates).
Bruce Kulick will be releasing his new Solo Disc in the Spring of 2003; he is also writing a book, his autobiography.
In September "Animalize"-Guitarist Mark St. John will be releasing his new Solo-CD "Magic Bullet Theory".
And of course, the long awaited new Kiss Tour will hopefully finally happen next year. Will it include Ace Frehley? Time will tell...

August 25, 2002
Gene Simmons is on the front-cover of a local Australian magazine called X-Press (issue from August 15, 2002), there was also a Special Edition of the first Dark Horse comic with an exclusive cover available at the San Diego Comic Convention; in the meantime the second issue has been released - again with 2 different covers; one with a comic cover, the other one with the band (actually Peter Criss) on the cover. 

In Brazil there has been released yet another Kiss Poster Special magazine, already the third one this year.

August 14, 2002

calendar2003DaniloEngland.gif (4179 Byte)KISS CALENDAR 2003
The official Danilo Kiss calendar 2003 comes in September. It will be for sure one of the best Kiss calendars ever! This time the calendar comes in a square format; the theme is "back to the beginning". It includes only awesome old pictures from 1973-75!
Click here to continue.

August 14, 2002

MTV vistis Robbie Williams, Gene Simmons and Tommy Lee

Sa, 17.8.2002     21:00-21:30
Su, 18.8.2002     11:00-11:30 (repeat)

Can be seen on MTV Germany

August 12, 2002

(from Patrick Demontigny)
Only 3 weeks before the big day! This year's show will be our biggest and best one yet! Legendary KISS manager Bill Aucoin will appear and will do a Q and A with SHOCKING revelations about KISS. Bill will also be on hand to sign autographs and pose for photos. Former Ace Frehley associate and author of KISS and Tell books Gordon Gebert will also be a special guest. You want to know something about your favourite spaceman? Gordon is the man to talk to! He will also be selling his two very controversial books KISS AND TELL and KISS AND TELL II at the show! Tribute band extraordinaire PHANTOMS OF THE PARK, from Montreal, will be performing a SOLID TWO-HOUR SET OF CLASSIC KISS + OBSCURE FAVOURITES in full Love Gun regalia!  Do not miss them! We will also have the KISS LOOK-A-LIKE CONTEST! Dress up as PAUL, PETER, ACE OR GENE (EVEN VINNIE OR ERIC CARR!!!!) and win some $$$$$$$$$. Hourly door prizes! We will also have the BEST KISS dealers from Canada and the U.S. with the greatest selection of KISS items for sale! The KISS museum will also be another great attraction with many rarely seen KISS collectibles on display such as promo items, super rare toys, autographs, rare concert posters and more! We still have some VIP passes left but order quickly as they are very close to being sold-out! Don't miss out! Remember, the VIP laminates give you the privilege of getting inside at 10:15 am instead of the official opening time at 11:00am. You will be able to purchase from any dealer that will be ready, you will be able to watch the tribute band do sound check and maybe make requests! You might even bump into a special guest or two. They will also become highly collectible! Those passes are only 25.00$ Canadian or 17.00$ U.S. THOSE PASSES WILL NOT BE FOR SALE THE DAY OF THE SHOW!!!!! Regular advanced tickets are 13.50$ Canadian or 9.00$ U.S. Tickets will also be available at the door for 15.00$ Canadian. Children under 12 WITH PAYING ADULT can get in for FREE! As you can see, this will be the best investment for your KISS dollar! Ever since our very first show in 1999, we've been getting bigger and better and this year will be no exception. Definitely the KISS event you don't want to miss! For regular updates, please visit our website at! See you all on the 8th! The show will rock!

August 11, 2002

Doros new album "Fight", which will be released on August19, you will find a song written by Gene Simmons. The song is called " Legends never die".

August 11, 2002

(from Julio Brumbeck)
On the new
CD "Border Girl" of the Mexican singer Paulina Rubio you can find a cover-version of "I was made for lovin┤you".

August 9, 2002
CDTheverybestofKissCoverGermany.jpg (29207 Byte)GIVEAWAY
(from Universal Germany)
To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the band we are giving away 5 new Very Best Of Kiss CD's and 10 cool Kiss posters for the new album before the official release on August 26, 2002. If you would like to take part in the competition all you have to do is filling out the form below before Ausgust 20, 2002. The lucky winners will be announced here on KISS NEWS. Good luck!

First Name

Second Name

Street Address

ZIP code, City


August 7, 2002
NEW CD FROM MARK ST. JOHNCDMarkStJohnMagicBulletTheory.gif (4047 Byte)
Mark St. John is back with his best work to date on his new album "Magic Bullet Theory". This full instrumental CD shows us why Kiss selected him over hundreats of guitarists to take Kiss to a new level. Mark's guitarstyle is displayed on songs ranging through all musical styles. A secret percentage of units will contain a special hidden bonus track. Which fans will be lucky enough to get one? The CD contains a six page booklet with never before seen photos of Mark throughout his career including live photos with Kiss. [click here to read the rest]

August 7, 2002

The new Kiss CD "The very best of Kiss" will be released on August 26, 2002 in Germany. The cover will be censored, the Track listing will be the same.

August 5, 2002

(from )
Hi KISS onliners, For those with MUSIC MAX (on cable) in Australia keep an eye out for special KISS/Gene programming to promote his upcoming SPEAKING IN TONGUES tour. Times as follows...
The Last Kiss -  Tuesday 6th August 7pm
The Guest List - Thursday 8th 7pm

Check out or for tour details.

August 4, 2002

(from Hinky)
I have just found a photo of Gene at You can find many other Kiss photos there as well.

August 4, 2002

It is now confirmed, that "The very best of Kiss" will be an international worldwide release and not just a local US-release. Kiss have nothing to do with this release, the record company (Universal) ownes the back-catalog and made the decission for this release, but the band welcomes the release to make new fans happy who do not have all the Kiss albums and who might be interested in a Best of album.  As of now it is not confirmed, if the track listing for international releases will be any different, since the CD again does not contain some of the bands biggest hits (Crazy crazy nights, Shandi, Talk to me) while other songs that have never been released as singles are on the CD (such as Got to choose or I want you). It is not yet sure, if the release date (August 27th) will stay the same for the international releases.

CDTheverybestofKisscover.gif (3841 Byte)
Will you buy the new Best of CD "The very best of Kiss?

August 4, 2002
(from Mark Bridge/
In an exclusive interview with INNER SANCTUM Gene $immons himself gives fans all the details of his upcoming SPEAKING IN TONGUES Downunder '02 Tour. Gene also CONFIRMED that the band WILL be heading back out on the road for a 30th Anniversary Tour. Go to  for all the details.

Here are the tourdates:
Oct 31: Perth
Nov. 2: Brisbane
Nov.3: Adelaide
Nov.5: Sydney
Nov.6: Melbourne