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Apr. 2, 1994 -
Feb. 13, 1995

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KISS didn't tour much in 1993 and early 1994, but just performed a few shows, and did some TV appearances.
One of the shows in 1993, was an hour long set at the Foundations Forum in Los Angeles in August (picture 1). They had no show, nor a stage set, and they only played songs from before 1978!

In late August, and early September 1994 KISS toured South America as headliners on the touring Monsters of Rock festival.
Then in January 1995 they toured Japan on their own, and in February 1995 they toured Australia for the first time since 1980. The Australian tour was named "The KISS My Ass Downunder Tour".
The stage set used through most of the shows in South America and Australia was the Hot In The Shade stage... more or less.
It had Leon the Sphinx (as seen in picture 2), the steps around the drum riser, the laser lightshow and parts of the regular lightshow. But aside from this KISS didn't really bring out a big show. 
They appeared in the mouth of the sphinx after the curtain concealing the stage dropped, as usual, but the sphinx didn't sing God of Thunder on these short tours, nor did it shoot rockets from it's eyes.
Actually there weren't much fireworks at all during these shows, but I'll come back to that in a minute.

As you can see in picture 3, the front of the stage didn't look much like the Hot In The Shade stage. Gone were the ramps into the audience on the sides of the stage, substituted by a couple of platforms.

Like I said they didn't bring much fireworks and pyrotechnics with them on these tours. They saved it all for the finale, and let it all go during Rock And Roll All Nite. Just before that Paul broke his guitar, but this time around he really did something unusual... something he hadn't done before, or since for that matter. He brought out a guitar, put it on the stage floor, and poured lighter fluid over it! Then he stroke a match and set it on fire! And then he would smash it!
Not exactly an original trick, because Jimi Hendrix did something very similar in his days. Actually this was the second thing KISS "borrowed" from Hendrix... the first thing was playing Star Spangled Banner to end the Revenge shows!

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Set list:

The set list for the South American tour would change a great deal, but it went something along these lines:

1. Creatures Of The Night
2. Deuce
3. Parasite
4. Unholy
5. I Stole Your Love
6. Cold Gin
7. Watching You
8. Firehouse
9. Calling Dr. Love
10. Making Love
11. War Machine
12. I Was Made For Loving You

13. I Want You
14. Domino
15. Love Gun
16. Lick It Up
17. God Of Thunder
18. I Love It Loud
19. Detroit Rock City
20. Black Diamond

21. Heaven's On Fire
22. Rock And Roll All Nite

Setlist for the Japanese tour and the KISS My Ass Downunder tour:

1. King Of The Night Time World
2. Deuce
3. Shout It Out Loud
4. Parasite
5. Unholy
6. Creatures Of The Night
7. Calling Dr. Love
8. Makin' Love
9. Domino
10. I Was Made For Lovin' You
11. Watchin' You
12. Firehouse
13. I Want You
14. Love Gun
15. She
16. Lick It Up
17. Forever
18. I Love It Loud
19. Black Diamond
20. Detroit Rock City

21. Heaven's On Fire
22. God Gave Rock And Roll To You II
23. Rock And Roll All Nite

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In Japan/Australia 1995 they did have weird logo at the back. It looked like a logo made of metal plates with lights around the borders. That same logo was used as a backdrop at the Reunion press-conference at the Intrepid in April 1996. Picture 4 is the best photo I could find. It shows the logo at the back.

The audiences was also treated with Eric Singer singing lead on Black Diamond, and at a few shows in early 1994 they also did Goin' Blind, a song they never performed live before!
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line-up: cleardot.gif (53 Byte) Gene Simmons (bass, vocals)
Paul Stanley (rhythm guitar, vocals)
Bruce Kulick (lead guitar)
Eric  Singer (drums, vocals)

To view the exact tourdates of the Kiss my ass tour, go to the Tourdates page.

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Many thanks to Jan Laursen for letting us use these pages.
Here is the link to his website:

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