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Apr. 23, 1992 -
Nov. 9, 1993

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  KISS actually did three tours to promote Revenge in 1992.
In late April and May they toured the US, playing nightclubs. Of course, this meant they couldn't bring a show along.
The next tour was a short tour in England, playing the major cities with the "H.I.T.S." stage set from the last tour. The show was more or less the same as on the previous tour, except KISS again played "Firehouse" and Gene again breathed fire. Gary Corbett was again touring with KISS, playing keyboards from the back stage area.

The proper Revenge tour started in October, with an entirely 92hGenelivesubway.JPG (11501 Byte)new show (seen in picture 1).
Instead of the Sphinx they had the Statue of Liberty sitting behind Eric Singers drum kit.
This was of course a reference to the Science Fiction movie "Planet of the Apes" where the hero finds the top half of the Statue of Liberty sticking out of the ground at the end of the movie.
The rest of the stage set were set up to look like New York after a nuclear blast... amplifier boxes overturned, a graffiti covered Subway sign above the platform on the right side of the stage, and the lighting rig hanging crooked as if it was about to fall down (picture 1B). 

All in all a very impressive looking stage.
This time they also used the laser light show, which was even more impressive than on the "H.I.T.S." tour (as seen in picture 2).

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Set list:

1. Creatures Of The Night
2. Deuce
3. I Just Wanna
5. Unholy
6. Parasite
7. Heaven's On Fire
8. Christine Sixteen
9. Domino
10. Watchin' You
11. Hotter Than Hell
12. Firehouse
13. I Want You (incl. guitar- and drum solo)
14. Forever
15. War Machine
16. Rock 'N Roll All Nite
17. Lick It Up
18. Take It Off
19. Cold Gin
20. Tears Are Falling
21. I Love It Loud
22. Detroit Rock City

23. Shout It Out Loud
24. God Gave Rock 'N Roll To You II
25. Love Gun
26. Star Spangled Banner

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Like on the last tour, KISS wouldn't be introduced with the "You wanted the best" call. Instead the stage got covered with a big curtain with a giant KISS logo on it, just before the band went on stage. Then the house lights would be dimmed, and a loud humming sound would play over the speakers. As KISS launched into "Creatures of the Night", the curtain would drop, together with a very loud explosion, to reveal the band on stage. Also on this tour KISS had a keyboard player tucked away in the back stage area, this time Derek Sherinian, who previously had played with Alice Cooper (together with Eric Singer).

And as Firehouse was back in the set, Gene again breathed fire (which he didn't on the H.I.T.S. tour!).

KISS had several new tricks up their sleeve this time, one of them being the strippers (picture 3) on stage during "Take It Off" from the new album Revenge.
Due to American laws they could strip off all their clothe, but had to keep bra and panties on. A bit of a bummer for all the male fans.
But I'm sure the stunt won KISS a lot of favors with the Woman's Liberation in the States! In some cities on the tour this song was dropped from the set-list (and so were the strippers...). 
The stripping act were also used during the 1994 tour in South America and the 1995 shows in Japan and Australia. In Australia the strippers were allowed to take of their tops as well.

As on the previous tour, solos were kept to a minimum, but in "I Want You" Paul did his old audience participation bit, where he would sing "I Want..." and the audience would answer "...You!". Then Bruce joined him on stage, to play a bit of a solo, while new drummer Eric Singer would play a short drum solo. During the solo he would stand up, and play "Oh Susannah" on his harmonica (as seen in picture 4). Paul would then comment that the audience hadn't paid to see Eric play any "Hee-hah"-music, and then Eric would launch into an impressive fast solo.

The Statue of Liberty would play an important part of the show (just like Leon the Sphinx before her). The main showcase came during "War Machine" where some loud explosion would tear off the statues skin to reveal the skull and bones underneath (picture 5).
The effect were partially inspired by an effect Metallica used on their "And Justice For All" tour in 1989. Metallica had a copy of the Lady Justice statue on stage, and during the final song explosions would cause the statue to collapse!

92ifinger.JPG (9065 Byte) But Lady Liberty wasn't finished performing, however.
As seen in picture 6 and 7, several light- and pyro-effects were used on the statue during the rest of the show.

The climax of the show were "Detroit Rock City", and at the end of the song, the statue's raised hand would raise it's index finger (see picture 7B), flicking the audience the bird, so to speak!
A few fans were a bit disappointed about this, thinking that KISS were telling the fans to "Fuck Off!!". 
For the encores, the black back-curtain was substituted by a large white one, with an enormous KISS logo (picture 8).
The last encore was a surprise: KISS played "Star Spangled Banner". The song had appeared on Revenge as a bit of the guitar solo in the song "Spit", but here they played it, almost like Jimi Hendrix at the Woodstock festival in 1969.
While the band played the instrumental tune, tons of fireworks would go off (picture 5 is actually a shot of the shows finale!).

The rest of the show ran along the usual lines: Gene breathing fire, Paul shooting into the lighting rig with guitar at the end of Love Gun, and of course Paul broke his guitar at the end of the show.
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line-up: cleardot.gif (53 Byte) Gene Simmons (bass, vocals)
Paul Stanley (rhythm guitar, vocals)
Bruce Kulick (lead guitar)
Eric  Singer (drums, vocals)

To view the exact tourdates of the Revenge tour, go to the Tourdates page.

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