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Dec. 28, 1982 -
June 25, 1983

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The Creatures Of The Night tour began late in December 1982, and for the attending fans it was a very different KISS they got to see! Ace and Peter were no longer in the band (they had not toured in the US since 1979), and the show was scaled downa lot! The stage was made up to look like a tank, with a gun turret as the drum riser! As you can see in picture 1, the platforms in each side of the stage were the tanks caterpillar treads, which had running lights in them to simulate the treads moving!

Picture 2 shows the drum riser/gun turret in detail.
It could move in all directions, and the exhaust pipes in the back would puff smoke (making a great effect at the end of the show).

The show in details:
Like I said the show was much scaled down compared to the Dynasty and Love Gun extravagazas, but it was still pretty spectacular in it's own right!
The show opened with the sound of a battle tank moving, and the band then entered the stage, which was covered with dry ice "fog"! After the usual introduction ("You wanted the best..."), they would launch into "Creatures of the Night" with bombs and flash pots going of all across the stage. After "Creatures..." came "Detroit Rock City" with more pyrotechnical effects! Kiss are also back to Heavy Metal with a real heavy sound. 

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Set list:

1. Creatures Of The Night
2. Detroit Rock City
3. Cold Gin
4. Calling Dr. Love
5. Firehouse
- Guitar solo (Paul)
6. I Want You
- Guitar solo (Vinnie)
7. I Love It Loud
- Drumsolo
8. War Machine
9. Love Gun
- Bass Solo
10. God Of Thunder
11. I Still Love You
12. Shout It Out Loud
13. Black Diamond

14. Strutter
15. Rock And Roll All Nite

Other songs performed:
Rock And Roll Hell (at the first show only!!)

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The KISS logo used since 1976's Destroyer tour was still in place behind Eric Carr (as seen in picture 3), and Gene would still breath fire at the end of "Firehouse", so some of the older effects were still in place!
But gone were the expensive flying rigs Gene had used during both the Dynasty and Unmasked tours. Instead Gene would play Quasimodo (from "The Hunchback Of Notre Dame") during his bass solo. Gene would pound his bass as usual, but then the sound of a large church bell would ring out, and Gene would cover himself from the sound behind his bass (like Lon Chaney, Sr. in the original movie version of "The Hunchback..."). The sound effect would be combined with a lightning effect from above!!

During Eric's drum solo, the "gun turret" would move and the "exhaust pipes" around Eric's drum kit, would emit smoke and steam (as seen in picture 4), simulating exhaust fumes from the tank's engine...
The drum riser would also steal the show, during the concert's finale... the band would get on top of the "gun turret" at the end of "Black Diamond", and then the turret would start to turn from left to right! The cannon would shoot (as seen in picture 5) at the speaker cabinets hanging above the stage. A fa
82e.jpg (27507 Byte)ke back of the speakers would fall down (with a lot of confetti) to simulate the speakers had been blown apart! A truly great effect, which sadly was only used on this one tour!

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The show would end as usual with a confetti storm during "Rock And Roll All Nite", and Paul smashing his guitar, and throwing it into the audience (picture 6)! Something new however, were the waterfall pyroeffect (seen in the Lick It Up section). This ended the show, as the band left the stage!
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line-up: cleardot.gif (53 Byte) Gene Simmons (bass, vocals)
Paul Stanley (rhythm guitar, vocals)
Vinnie Vincent (lead guitar)
Eric  Carr (drums, vocals)

 To view the exact tourdates of the Creatures of the night tour, go to the Tourdates page.

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